Large Landscape



Encounter Conditions



You find yourself before a large and detailed landscape. It feels like you need a microscope or a pair of binoculars to appreciate the full effect.

And with a Museum Guidebook equipped:

The guidebook says it's one of many works completed by successful Metroplex University graduates who went on to careers in the arts. It also says the painting was made "in the traditional style" completely without preprinting or computerized assistance.

And with a raging effect:

It's hard to concentrate on the painting with the blood pounding in your ears, but you still pick up some good ideas.

You've gained 25 duration of Artistic Distance. (+5 or 10 more with artbook equipped; +10 with Art Appreciation; if you have another Artistic Effect active it is removed and its duration is added to Artistic Distance instead.)

And then:

You've earned 2 XP in Perception (+1 or 2 more with appropriate artbook equipped, +2 with Art Appreciation)

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