1 - Before agreeing to help him
2 - Without the antidote
3 - After getting the antidote

Intro (Before agreeing to help him)

(First time)

You find an old man, wandering the abandoned streets, gathering firewood from the twisted trees. He looks up at you, surprised.

"Don't get many visitors around here, but I suppose there's a reason for that. Reason for everything, after all. What brings you here?"

To get into the Slags
What brings you here?
Can I help you?
No time for questions (End of conversation)

(Further times)

Oh, welcome back. Don't see many people once, see even fewer twice.

Have you decided you need something here after all?

To get inside the Slags
To learn about you
To help you
No (End of conversation)

To get into the Slags

I know a way, but there's a catch. Always is, isn't there? Heh. Dog eat dog world, sad to say.

I'd love to help, but I can't just be goin', lettin' everyone through… Migard watches, you know. They're careful and canny.

It'd take someone pretty special to guide through.

What do you want?
No thanks (End of conversation)

What brings you here?/Can I help you?/Can I do anything to help?/What do you want?

My daughter, light o' my life since my wife passed away… she's got a terrible case of Slags poisoning. I thought she'd be okay, with the purification, but she just keeps gettin' worse.

I hear Midgard makes it not far from here and stores it up by the Docks. Might be able to get some there.

I'll help

I'll help

Thanks for takin' a look. I understand if you can't find anything… it's been a long time lookin'.

(End of conversation)


Hmmm… yeah. Guy callin' himself Lo came by, showed us how to purify the water.

Wasn't enough for my buttons, though. Poor thing.

I'll help


Alright, well, fend for yourself then. It's a dog eat dog world, 'specially past the gates.

(End of conversation)

To learn about you

Well, you can call me Larry, all my friends do… the ones I have left, I suppose. Think I'm the last survivor in these parts 'sept my little girl.

The 'Event' tore us up somethin' terrible. Now its just us in all these buildin's.

I need to get into the Slags
Can I do anything to help?
Sucks to be you
Good day (End of conversation)

Sucks to be you

Yup, sure does.

(End of conversation)

Intro (after agreeing to help)

Thanks for helpin' me out, my little girl really needs it. I hope… I hope it's enough.

Got it right here (With Slags antidote in inventory)
Tell me about it
Who are you?
Let me in!
I've got it right here (Without Slags antidote in inventory)
I'm on it (End of conversation)

Tell me about it

I don't know how they make it or what it is, but I heard some Midgard folks sayin' they've got a cure for what ails my little girl. I need you to find it.

Here's what I do know. They make it in the lab up the street, but don't leave it there for long, might not even have any.

They said they store it 'up by the waterfront,' so I'm thinkin' the old docks.

(End of conversation)

Who are you?

Oh, I'm nobody special. We've lived here for years, but a few years ago… there was a huge explosion… 'the Event' the scientist called it.

Lots of us stayed here, ready to make our stand. Not so many left now… just me, so far as I know. Me and my little girl.

The air, the ground, the lake… it's all poison. We died one by one until someone, guy called Lo, figured out how to clean up the water at least.

Helped me… not my little button, though. She's not doin' so good.

(End of conversation) (normally)
You're reading button sailing stories (with servant of the mask)

Let me in!

No means no. I can't let just anyone in and I'm not choosin' without the cure. You understand?

(End of conversation)

I've got it right here

Without anything:

Naw, that's not it. I'll know it when I see it, promise you that.

(End of conversation)

With MBR antidote in inventory:

You mean this MBR antidote? Naw. That did it for a while, but it's just not strong enough anymore. There's a special Slags Antidote they make.

Not sure if they even store it at that lab, just make it and ship it off to the warehouse. I'm not the only one lookin' for it.

Other people, corps… but nobody's gonna help my little girl but me. Well, me and you.

(End of conversation)

Got it right here

You… you got it! Now she can live! Thank you so much!

You're always welcome here. I'll take you through any time!

(Lose 1 Slags antidote)
(End of conversation)

Or, while not in the slags:

That's… that's amazin'. If you wouldn't mind droppin' by our place outside the Slags, my little Buttons… she'd really appreciate it.

(End of conversation)

Intro (after helping him)

Thank you, thanks ever so much. What's mine is yours. And I'll take you right under the wall if you want.

Let's go
You're reading button sailing stories (with servant of the mask)
Who are you?
You're welcome (End of conversation)

Let's go

Outside the slags area entirely:

I'd… love to. But you're not anywhere close, are you?

(End of conversation)

Outside the slags:

Sure thing, friend. You're welcome here any time.

Into the Slags

Inside the slags:

Yeah, yeah, c'mon out! Don't know why you'd go down there anyway.

Back Outside

Or, with Hel:

Sure thing, come on up. You're welcome any time, of course.

And your friend can come too, not a problem at all. Your friends are my friends, after all.


Hel moves cautiously as you exit the Slags. Once you're all the way out she peels off the containment suit and motions you over.

"Alright let's split up. I'm going to the restaurant in Southside Loki has been haunting. Meet me there once you're sure Midgard isn't following you."

(End of conversation)

Who are you (2)

Oh, you know me, don't go pretendin' otherwise. You saved my little button!

But I do have a story, I suppose, if you wanna hear. Couple years back, I was a janitor at one of the big plants around here. Made all sorts of crazy chemicals for OmniTech and Midgard.

Then there was 'the Event.' Funny how they can call something so important something so dumb. That's people for you.

Anyway, whole place went to hell. Things started crawling out of the crater… nobody talked about it, but we all have nightmares 'til the day we die.

Then everythin' was poison. That's what happened to my little button. Growin' up here was so hard on her, but I think she's gonna do all right.

(End of conversation)

You're reading button sailing stories

Before receiving the book of sailing stories:

How… how'd you know I even read?

I mean, yeah… read her an old book of sailin' stories my grandma left with us. It's from way back, before the war.

You need to stop
That's creepy
Okay, bye (End of conversation)

After receiving the book of sailing stories:

Naw. I told you I stopped and I stopped.

I'm readin' her nice, harmless books now. No problems.

(End of conversation)

That's Creepy

What? They're perfectly good stories.

Don't want her growin' up and being all squeamish! She needs to get some good learnin' in if she's gonna keep up.

You've got to stop
Okay, bye (End of conversation)

You've got to stop

That's crazy talk! Crazier than me, even.

You might want a bit o' that antidote for yourself too. Lots o' folks who drank the water and breathed the air went crazy, but my little buttons isn't doin' any piratin'.

How'd I know then?
Nevermind (End of conversation)

How'd I know then?

I… crazy stuff. Alright, I'll stop readin' them too her.

You're still crazy. I guess I just forgot the world's gone crazy, too.

Midgard and their goddamned experiment… everythin' went to hell after that.

You found: book of sailing stories

(End of conversation)


Larry is a contact available as soon as you begin the Slags Quest. He gives the quest Slags Antidote.


Visiting the Mostly Abandoned Ruins in Outside the Slags.

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