Laser Lady



Encounter Conditions

Halloween 2011, Oct 26 and later
Once anyone in the game killed her, she did not show up for a period of time (~1/2 hour?)

Initial Text

A woman in a tailored suit glides through the students, who hurry out of her way without any obvious action on her part. It's probably for the best, because she seems rather intent on whatever she's writing on her clipboard.

One of the students closer to you whispers to another "is that the lady that's supposed to have the lasers?" The larger mystery, at least to you, is how she manages to alternate between terrifying and calming, neither for any apparent reason.

Summary of Choices

  1. Stop to chat
    1. Emerald Gift
    2. Emily Davers
    3. Heimdall
    4. Lasers
    5. Geiravor after hearing about Geiravor
        1. Give her the projector With holographic projector in inventory?
        2. What are you doing here?
        3. Do you follow the herald?
        4. I am your kin!
        5. Nothing
    6. Midgard
    7. Not being dead
    8. No, I don't
  2. Hand her a laser projecter With laser projector in inventory
  3. Give her a holographic projecter With holographic projector in inventory
  4. Check on lasers
  5. Attack her
  6. Leave her be

Choice Text and Results

Stop to chat

"Yes?" she asks without even looking up, "Were you wondering about something?"

Emerald Gift

She taps her pen on the clipboard a couple times and flashes you a smile without any warmth. "Yeah, I guess I'm just too old to appreciate their music."

Her eyes flick towards the ceiling above where the band will be standing, then back to the clipboard.

Emily Davers

She gives you an appraising look, then shrugs and settles back to tell a story. "Miss Davers and I go back a few years… to the first of these little shindigs she ran, actually."

"I'm not sure if you were in school yet," she smiles as though she's sharing a private joke, "but that year didn't go very well. Someone drugged the punch, the hallucinations caused a panic, and the panic started a fire. Davers was hurt quite badly, along with several other students."

"My employer volunteered to help get them back on their feet, so we met there, but last year went… well enough they don't feel like we need an official presence this year. I'm just here to help a friend."

Apparently finished, she returns to her clipboard.


She looks you over for a moment and chuckles softly. "I'll assume you mean the one from the home office. He's head of operational security all throughout Midgard."

"If you see him around, it means upper management wants their own eyes on the ground." She turns abruptly and heads back into the crowd.

Or, after some trigger. Maybe asking about Geiravor?

She looks you over for a moment, as though deciding exactly what she can say. "I can't say that's a name I want to hear. He's a meddler who can never leave well enough alone and his alcoholic spawn would be even worse if he ever managed to leave the bar." She sighs heavily.

"I'd suggest keeping out of their way, but if you end up attracting attention away from what we're working on… well, I'd consider it a personal favor."


She glances from side to side then, apparently satisfied by what she saw, says "Yes?" (more options)

Give her the projector/Give her a holographic projecter

"Huh… this… this is perfect!" The nearest students clap at her exclamation.

"How on earth?" she peers at you closely. "Thank you. We'll put this to good use."

You've earned 10 XP in Will

What are you doing here?

She looks you up and down, as though sizing you up for a confrontation, then shrugs. "If you need to know, I'd suggest contacting Skrymir through SP channels. In any case, it's probably best we stay out of each other's ways."

She nods politely, but turns so her stride takes her directly into a clique of students.

Are you following the herald?

"Herald?" she stares at you for a long moment.

"Oh, you mean… no, dear lord, not in a million years." She shakes her head vehemently.

"She's terrifying, don't get me wrong, but she claims to speak for a force of nature. Even if it's not one we understand, it's like all those movies with the skinless people worshipping the bomb."

She pauses for a moment, as though trying to capture a memory, then sighs. "Anyway, don't buy into any of their spiritual nonsense. I think the codenames rot people's brains, to be honest. We're not valkyries, einherjar, giants, or ancient gods, no matter what our employee files say."

She pats you on the shoulder and gives you a confident, surprisingly calming, smile before heading off into the ballroom.

I am your kin!

"Really?" she laughs, a cold sound that bounces through the ballroom far longer than it should.

"I don't go for any of that metaphysical prattle, so you'll have to spare me. That's our crazy brother's department, perhaps you should take it up with him." She flashes you an unfriendly, predatory smile and makes her further into the ballroom.


She gives you a curious look, then slips off, referring to her clipboard and muttering as she goes.


She shakes her head. "Midgard's been… acting a little strange, but I suppose that's nothing new. Normally, I'd ask to borrow some industrial lasers and they'd hand them out."

"This time they won't even let me buy them. It's the sort of thing that makes you check whether your checks are still getting deposited." She laughs as though her paycheck stopping is completely inconceivable.

Not being dead

She clucks her tongue. "You should be grateful. If you could kill me, you'd be up on murder charges already."

"As it is, we can just tell the kids that it's a little… impromptu drama. So, leave me alone and we'll keep Midgard Security out of it." She shrugs and makes her way deliberately into a crowd of students.

Or, after being defeated by her?

"Clearly you know as well as I… at least you should."

She gestures to the nearest group of students and smiles at you like a shark. "It's all for our adoring fans, of course."

No, I don't

She looks around at the students and volunteers going about their business. "Well, the Emerald Gift is coming back, I don't think anyone was expecting that. It managed to pull their fans in from the bars, which is something."

"I think it's safe to say that, if we all work together, it'll be a Halloween no one can forget."

Hand her a laser projector

She checks over the projector. "Good, good, good… Yes, this will do nicely, thank you."

You hear a few scattered cheers from the nearby students.

You've earned 8 XP in Will

Check on lasers/Lasers

She shakes her head. "It would be easy with access to some of Midgard's industrial lasers. Those things'll burn straight through steel," her eyes light up with a rare bit of excitement, then dim almost as quickly.

"Unfortunately, they're for 'Midgard Internal Use Only' and we're not running the show this year, so we'll have to figure something else out."

(if none lasers projectors handed)

"The materials Midgard uses are controlled too, so I'm not sure how we could make some."

(if one lasers projector handed)

"We only have one projector, but that's one more than I was expecting."

With multiple projectors
"We have <2-10> projectors, which seems more like a gimmick than a proper show."

With >10 projectors
"We have enough projectors so it's a show and not just a gimmick, so that's good."

And, with one of them a holographic projector

"Only one is holographic, though. I'd love to be able to get some of those going."

With multiple holographic projectors
"Only <2-9> of the projectors are holographic, though. I hope we can manage at least el… over ten."

Or, after 11 holographic projectors were donated?

"We have enough projectors so it's a show and not just a gimmick, so that's good."

"As long as we focus on the right areas over the stage, I think we'll end up with a very impressive holographic show."

Or, later?

We have enough projectors for a decent show… and a decent laser show isn't something to scoff at."

"As long as we focus on the right areas over the stage, I think we'll end up with a very impressive holographic show."

And, if you have donated some projectors

"Thanks for your help. I'm sure it'll be a night to remember."


"The University's digital resources don't have anything on old-fashioned lasers. It's a shame they don't still have a proper library. I'm sure it's in a book somewhere."

(Unlocks drop on the Neglected Bookshelf?)

Attack her

She shouts "Yes, my old enemy, let's end this once and for all!" as though she's a character on a cheap television drama. Nearby students gather around to watch the fight, Oooooo-ing appropriately when her hand's blurred motions resolve into a sidearm.

Well, as long as she's called an audience, you might as well put on a good show.

(Fight Janet Barsukov)

Leave her be

She seems more than content to ignore and be ignored, scribbling away on her clipboard.

See Walk Away

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