Laser Projector


Image laser%20projector.jpg
Description With this set up in your living room, you could watch all holograms all the time. There's not much data in formats you could project anymore, but if you find some… you've got that covered. Just plug it in and go.
Type Furniture
Use You drop by your place and set up the laser projector. It's… entirely possible the lights will dim when you turn it on, but all the better to see the light show.
Effect Adds a laser projector to your apartment.


Rebuild three Homemade Lasers into one stationary unit (2 Energy)
Dual Laser Homemade Laser
= Laser Projector
Repair a Charred Projector by replacing a Homemade Laser
Charred Projector Homemade Laser
= Laser Projector


Allows you to play Holograms (but not fight them)

Focus three Homemade Lasers through a Double Crystal (3 Energy)
Glimmering Crystals Laser Projector
= Holographic Projector
toolbox.jpg homemade laser
GoldCoins.jpg .50 Goods
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