Lead Shot


Image leadshot.jpg
Description A solid Ranged Technique without modern frills
Chain 6
Type Ranged
Attribute Perception
Hidden Flags Single Shot Technique
Base Damage 6
Special Doesn't generally work well following multiple shots

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 6
You fire an actual lead bullet at <opponent> for <x> ranged damage.
Anywhere in the chain after a burst technique?
Your gun jams at the least opportune time, but you manage to clear it.
With needler weapon equipped
Needlers are supposed to be compatible with all old ammunition, but it looks like you found an exception.
With a shotgun weapon equipped 8
You fire a spread of lead shot at <opponent> for <x> ranged damage.
With a shotgun weapon equipped vs. Evasion 12
You fill the air around <opponent> with a spread of lead shot for <x> ranged damage
While underwater 3
Your lead shot tumbles through the water, striking <opponent> for <x> ranged damage.


Using lead bullets


Enhances Conservative Fire if preceding it (with improbable gun equipped).

Used By (Opponents)

Demonic Bouncer
Family Man

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