Leaping Dodge


Image leapingdodge.jpg
Description A defensive move effective against fire, melee, and ranged attacks.
Chain 5
Type Evasion
Attribute Reflexes
Base Defense 6

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 6 (M,R,F)
You take a great leap and tumble to avoid incoming attacks.
<Opponent attacks>, but you leap nimbly out of the way, avoiding all but <X> / of the damage.
While underwater 6 (M,R,F)
You kick hard away from <opponent>.
<Opponent attacks>, but you kick away, avoiding all but <X> / of the damage.


Backroom Training Ticket
Having the unsilenced corpse from the Tainted Shoreline show you some moves
Successfully running away in the Spider Drone encounter.
Using a sea journal.
Fighting with Channeling Matsuo with some other condition (probably while holding a sword)


Winning a fight with replica sword equipped, Channeling Matsuo and Etheric active, and at least one copy of each of Parry, Swordplay, Leaping Dodge, and Power Strike:

You learned a new Technique: Demonslaying Blade

Used By (Opponents)

Drunken Tiger
Midgard Security Expert
The Hammer
The Harvester
The Squatter King
Subway Dweller

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