Leaves Jagged Wounds


Inflicting jagged wounds on an opponent causes this message to appear at the end of that round and each subsequent combat round:

The <opponent> continues bleeding from the jagged wounds, taking X damage.

Or, lose the fight on a round where you are bleeding:

You continue to bleed from your jagged wounds, taking X damage. That's… a lot of blood… You're starting to feel… pretty woozy…

You gain X turns of Blood Loss


The amount of bleeding damage is calculated as follows:

For normal bonus seen on equipment (eg. broken bottle), each Melee or Stealth attack that the attacker uses adds 2-3 bleeding damage at the end of the round, as long as the attack did at least 6 damage to the opponent. The six damage minimum is checked after evasion. Also note that opponents with No Organs suffer no bleeding damage.

First Aid can reduce the amount of bleeding- first the bleeding damage from all attacks is summed up, and then your First Aid bonus is subtracted from that amount. If you have more first aid than you would have been dealt damage, you get the following message instead and take no bleeding damage:

You staunch your bleeding before it can do any more damage.

For jagged wounds sources from techniques, more spading is needed but a few specific cases:

  • Loop Wire can leave jagged wounds if it does at least 6 damage, and any technique used in the chain after using Loop Wire also leaves wounds. Loop Wire does not have to do 6 damage to allow further techniques to do wound damage.
    • Eg. If Loop Wire did 10 damage, it would do 2-3 bleeding damage.
    • Eg. If Loop Wire did 2 damage, and then the following melee attack did 10 damage, it would do 2-3 bleeding damage.
    • Eg. If you did a 10 damage melee attack, and then Loop Wire for 2 damage, it would not do any bleeding.
  • Brick Punch seems to just to wound damage but does not trigger wounds for other techniques later on in the chain.
  • Not sure about other techniques - this may be a feature of Loop Wire, or of it being an NPC technique, or a bug.

For jagged wound sources from detrimental effects (eg. Chest Wound), more spading is needed but wound damage seems to be proportional the number of turns of the effect you have left.

Leaves Jagged Wounds Sources

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items
Sources that allow you to give opponents jagged wounds:
broken Bottle, jagged baton, jagged knuckles, kingly blade, paper mache horn, shark tooth blade, slammer bottle, sparkling glass claws, stained glass spear, vicious chain
elegantly torn pants w/Spiked Patching
Powdered Knuckles


Techniques that leave jagged wounds:

Gives Jagged Wounds Sources

Sources that give you jagged wounds:

Chest Wound, Spade Wound

Also, any of the above when used against your in pvp.
Also, waiting in ambush at the massive clam.

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