Leaves Poison


Inflicting poison on an opponent causes this message to appear at the end of that round and each subsequent combat round:

<Opponent> writhes in pain as the poison continues its work, dealing <Y> damage.

Or, when poison is used against you:

Waves of pain roll through your body as the poison continues its work, dealing <Y> damage.


There is a hidden counter which represents your current poison level. If you current poison level is X, you take between 1 and X damage each round.

When a poison attack poisons you:

  • If you are not poisoned, set X to the attack value*.
  • If you are already poisoned, add 2 to X. (even if the attack is less than 2)

X is higher if the attacker has a poison apple or venomous angel equipped.

Leaves Poison Sources

Techniques that leave poison:

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