"Level" is a term invented by players to describe the game's hidden estimation of a character's power level. Based on data collection, our best guess at the formula for a character's level is

$\lceil \frac{n}{10}\rceil + 3$

where n is the average of the four buffed attributes (i.e., including any bonuses or penalties incurred).

Appearance in game

"Level" in Metroplexity is to calculate how much XP and old coins a character is worth when defeated in gang warfare.

The gang warfare page implies that a character always gives XP equal to their level. Alter this page if you can confirm or correct this formula.

A character has a 50% chance of dropping old coins at all, and if they do, they can drop anywhere from 1 to <XP worth> old coins, with an equal chance at each number in the range.

"Level" might be used to determine how much energy you get from eating an opponent.

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