Light Armored Vest


Image ArmoredVest.jpg
Description This is a light vest, which should slow bullets down. They'll probably hurt more, but they might not kill you.
Class Shirts
Hidden Flags Midgard Security Outfit
Effects +2 Ranged Defense


Dropped by Midgard security
Dropped by Gang enforcer
Found in Stolen Crate
From opening a Third Eye stash
Redirect from Shoreline Shipping Drones via Guidance System

Add some Polysteel to an Unlined Vest
Unlined Vest Polysteel
= Light Armored Vest


Coat a Light Armored Vest with a Black Silver Ingot
Light Armored Vest Black Silver Ingot
= Blackened Vest
Modernize a light armored vest with some ballistic plastic
Light Armored Vest Ballistic Plastic
= Bulletproof Vest
Modernize a Light Armored Vest with some Hardened Plastic
Light Armored Vest Hardened Plastic
= Dual Armored Vest
Tag a Light Armored Vest with a Biomonitor Circuit for first aid feedback
Light Armored Vest Biomonitor Circuit
= Monitoring Vest
Stud a Light Armored Vest with an Optical Array
light armored vest optical array
= optical vest
Weave some Shining Ingot strips into a Light Armored Vest
Light Armored Vest Shining Ingot
= Shining Vest
Add a layer of polysteel to a light armored vest
Light Armored Vest Polysteel
= Thick Vest
Upgrade a light armored vest with a steel ingot
Light Armored Vest Steel Ingot
= Traditional Armored Vest
Decorate a Light Armored Vest with Artificial Bone
Light Armored Vest Artificial Bone
= Posturing Pauldrons
toolbox.jpg Polysteel (x1), Unlined Vest (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg .04 Arms
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