Light of the Eye


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Description An etheric technique that defends against melee, ranged, etheric, and fire attacks.
Chain 5
Type Etheric
Attribute Will
Special Consumes Eclipse in your system for a defensive move (Base Defense 8), effective against Melee, Ranged, Etheric, and Fire Techniques.

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally -
You focus on your third eye, but nothing seems to happen.
While Etheric 8 (M,R,E,F) Uses 1 turn of Etheric
You open your third eye, bathing the area in golden light.
<Opponent attacks> but golden light weighs down his attack, preventing all but <X>/of the damage.
While Etheric, with blood of the ancients 11 (M,R,E,F) Uses 1 turn of Etheric
You open your third eye, bathing the area in brilliant red light.
<Opponent attacks>, but you focus on <opponent>, imagining a shifting wall of crimson puzzle pieces which blocks all but <X>/of the damage.


Using The Eye.
Training with Hawk, while Etheric.


With a simple blindfold equipped, winning a fight using Light of the Eye (blocking at least 5? damage) can give:

You learned a new technique: Foresee

Enhances Contempt when preceding it.

Having Light of the Eye in your deck with Stainless Skulls helmet equipped can give Emerald Thoughts.

Used By (Opponents)

Ocean King
Third Eye Hunter
Third Eye Seer
Third Eye Sorcerer

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