Lightning Lunge


Image lightninglunge.jpg
Description Move with unnatural speed
Chain 3
Type Stealth
Attribute Strength
Base Damage 8
Hidden (Deals 4 base Melee damage if you are one with lightning.)

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 8 (S)
You lunge at <opponent> like lightning, cutting into <it> for <X> damage.
Vs. opponent with Lightning in your Veins or One With Lightning 4 (M)
You lunge at <opponent> like lightning. <Opponent> matches your speed as you strike it for <X> damage.


Having this technique used on you while you have the Lightning in your Veins or the One With Lightning effect active. Probably triggered by this message:

The serpent lunges at you like lightning. You match its speed as the serpent strikes you for <x> damage.

Used by (opponents)

Energized Serpent
Rail Serpent

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