Little Eddie's


In Southside, top center.

Intro Text

If you haven't gotten an invitation from Carlos or unlocked the back room:


A burly man shakes his head as you approach the door and taps his finger next to a sign reading 'Invitation Only.'

If you have been invited by Carlos:

Welcome to Little Eddie's.

Feel free to browse our wares or grab a ticket to try out the firing range downstairs.

If you have unlocked the back room but not the front:

The burly man who invited you in nods and escorts you through to the back room. The clientele of the front room glare at you venomously as you pass.

If you have unlocked both

The burly man who invited you over earlier nods and asks "front room or back?"

Front Room
Back Room


Item Cost
cheap pistol 5 credits
pairs of brass knuckles 10 credits
filthy pistol 10 credits
practice range ticket 20 credits
Eddie's training ticket 100 credits

Back Room Selection

Item Cost
Omnitech trauma bandage 20 credits
flashy switchblade 50 credits
Blitz popper 50 credits
police scanner 50 credits
team jacket 100 credits
classic switchblade 100 credits
outlaw coat 100 credits
rangefinder 100 credits
Southside beatstick 200 credits
the Intimidator 200 credits
backroom training ticket 300 credits
integrated cybergun 500 credits
GangFinder 1000 credits
firing range plans 1000 credits
target gallery plans 5000 credits



Buying 50 or more Omnitech trauma bandages at once will unlock a new fortification option:

The stooped, ancient man Little Eddie has managing the counter smiles at you. "Ah, you're a smart one, keeping your insides in. Let me show you a couple things I learned back when Midgard still had use for these old bones."

He guides you through some crude field medicine, using things you can find laying around Southside. It's not sanitary, but might come in handy if you're patrolling around here.

New Fortification Option: Field Medicine

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