Live Wire


Image livewire.jpg
Description A melee attack that stuns opponents as a closer
Chain 3
Type Melee
Attribute Strength
Base Damage 4
Hidden Flags (Science Technique)
Special When this is the last attack in a chain, removes the opposing Technique from their chain

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 4
You lash <opponent> with a live electrical cable, dealing <X> melee damage.
As closer 4 Stuns next pass if damage is not blocked.
You wrap a live wire around <opponent>, doing <X> melee damage and sending electricity arcing through <opponent>'s form.

If that damage was not 100% blocked, opponent's next technique is replaced with:
<Opponent> shakes violently from the current.

And if the opponent is electric and you got the above stun message, it stuns one additional round:
<Opponent> stands stock still. Smoke pours out of its circuits as they try to compensate for the jolt.

Note: you will only get the fist stun message if the opponent tried to act that round (you won't get any additional message if the opponent was already done acting).
While underwater 4
You lash <opponent> with a shorted-out electrical cable, dealing <X> melee damage.


Using a shorted cable.

Used by (opponents)

Hanging Wires

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