Living Blood


Image Gemmed-Puzzle-Box25.jpg
Description You've never been so aware of your blood being alive. Perhaps it's different now, because it feels like something within your blood is moving and growing.
Hidden Flags Blood Effect
Effects Triggers healing when enough blood is spilled


Appears to use energy of this effect to heal you when you take significant damage, at end of fight. See notes.


organic dust (25 energy, 2 body)


Had 58/58 hp. Took 27 damage in one attack first round, won combat same round taking no further damage. After battle won message and items gained:
"Your blood seals over the 4 hit points of wounds. It leaves a new layer of flesh, something between skin and fungus."
Noticed I lost energy of the effect, possibly 4?

Took 6 then 12 damage in first round, won, got same message with 8 hp healed, lost 8? energy.

Lost a fight, got this message and lost my last 7 energy of Living Blood:
"You wake up several minutes later, when your blood has sealed over 7 hit points of wounds. It's left a new layer of flesh, something between skin and fungus."

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