Living Pistol


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Description This seems to be as much a living organism as a weapon, sort of like a hermit crab that's taken up residence in a pistol. Thankfully it doesn't move much, but it is plenty disquieting all the same.
Type Weapon
Hidden Flags Pistol Weapon (Living)
Requires 6 Base Will
Effects +5 Ranged Power
+3 Etheric Power


Drape Regrowing Tendrils over Pistol Fittings
Pistol Fittings Regrowing Tendrils
= Living Pistol


If you use Flying Teeth following an Etheric technique, you can get:

You learned a new Technique: Organic Firing

Enhances Organic Firing.

Fit a Living Pistol with Ghoul Teeth
Ghoul Teeth Living Pistol
= Toothy Pistol
Further warp a Living Pistol with Regrowing Tendrils
Living Pistol Regrowing Tendrils
= Writhing Gun
toolbox.jpg pistol fittings, withered tendrils
GoldCoins.jpg .12 Curiosities
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