First time:
Gives Docks Quest

Upon completion of Docks Quest:
Gives University Quest

After examining Dr. Amundsen's office:
Tells you his friend (David) has gone missing.

  • You can ask him to go or volunteer to go yourself.
  • If you ask him to go, he is removed off your list of contacts.
    • He is captured by the Third Eye in the Abandoned Building here David is.
    • If you are able to save him, he is added back to your contacts along with David.
    • If you fail to defeat his captors, he and David are killed.

After dealing with the ghoul king, you can tell Lo about the whole business. He mentions that David was investigating possibly related ocurrences at the docks. Too bad David's dead for me right now. :(


You gain Lo from Mikhail as part of the Southside Park Quest.

Notes (to be incorporated into "Contact" then deleted from this section)

Lo is a major questgiver. He provides the Docks Quest, the University Quest, and the Slags Quest.

It is possible for Lo to die during the University Quest.

Larry informs us that Lo was instrumental in cleaning up the local drinking water after the 'Incident'.

You get an unique conversation topic with him after finishing Problems on the Docks


  • 1 - Before completing the Docks Quest
  • 2 - After completing the Docks Quest
  • 3 - After showing him the PDA
  • 4 - After discovering Dr. Amundsen kidnapped
  • 5 - During/after rescuing survivors
  • 6 - If you decline to help save Hel
  • 7 - After accepting the Slags quest
  • 8 - After rescuing Hel
  • 9 - After starting the Survivors quest
  • 10 - After agreeing to help find the protein analyzer
  • 11 - After making an analyser
  • 12 - After analyzing some Eclipse
  • 13 - After analyzing some Eclipse and agreeing to help more
  • 14 - After completing his quest but before proving Special Projects' involvement to Hel's satisfaction
  • 15 - After completing his quest and confirming Special Projects' involvement to Hel's satisfaction but before asking Hel what's next (?)
  • 16 - After completing his quest and confirming Special Projects' involvement but before choosing a contact
  • 17 - After proving Special Projects' involvement to Hel's satisfaction if you didn't do his quest
  • 18 - After choosing him as your contact
  • 19 - When it's time to go to Oldtown?
  • 20 - On Oldtown quest
  • 21 - After completing the Oldtown quest
  • 22 - After starting the Heart of Midgard quest

Addtional options that get appended to most of the above:

Intro (Pre-docks quest)

If you haven't shown him Eclipse:

Ah, you must be the friend Mikhail mentioned. Well, have a seat.

I was wondering what you know about Eclipse
What do you make of this sample? (Only if you have some Eclipse to show)
Who are you?
No thanks (End of conversation)

If you have:

As far as I know, there's only one way to get this compound. It requires an enzyme from a flower, native to southeast Asia.

I'd grab a Metros train to the docks if you want to shut these people down. It'd have to be coming through there.

I'm very interested if you can find out where they're getting this… to say nothing of how they're selling this stuff for a couple credits a dose.

How do you know this?
Why are you concerned about price?
Alright, thanks (End of conversation)

I was wondering what you know about Eclipse

Eclipse? The name doesn't ring a bell. I do have a theory on what might be driving the residents of the park mad… but I'd like to have proof before I make myself sound even crazier.

Check this sample
I'll be back (End of conversation)

What do you make of this sample?

Ah, yes… this drug… you say it's called Eclipse? It reminds me of something I worked on a few years back. I guess you're in luck.

It's a powerful blend of hallucinogens, which would certainly explain the madness, I guess. But something still puzzles me…

(You lose: 1 Eclipse)

I don't have time for this (End of conversation)


As far as I know, there's only one way to get this compound. It requires an enzyme from a flower, native to southeast Asia.

I'd grab a Metros train to the docks if you want to shut these people down. It'd have to be coming through there.

I'm very interested if you can find out where they're getting this… to say nothing of how they're selling this stuff for a couple credits a dose.

How do you know this?
Why are you concerned about price?
Alright, thanks (End of conversation)

Who are you?/How do you know this?

Not much to know about me. I was a researcher working for one of the big corps downtown. I became… disillusioned and now I'm in hiding.

(End of conversation)

Why are you concerned about price?

Well, when I last saw this enzyme, we only had access to tiny quantities of it. The flowers had to be shipped live all the way from the jungle so they wouldn't break down in transit.

Basically, the quantity in this one tablet would have cost us thousands of credits. Which, to me, poses an interesting question of how they're able to sell it for prices the homeless in Southside Park can afford.

I've heard of gangs giving away the first hit for free, but I can't imagine they'd target people who could never afford a second hit.

(End of conversation)

Intro (after Docks quest)

You've done a good thing by clearing out the Fangs, but I'm still concerned where they might have been getting Eclipse from. Do you have anything that might point in that direction?
Well, I've got this PDA
No, nothing

Well, I've got this PDA

Ah, well. Hmmm… I can't say I've ever been much of one for computers… but this seems to be encrypted.

My best suggestion would be to take this up to the University. There's a professor there going by Dr. Amundsen. I'd look in the labs first. She always was very hands-on.

Tell her that Loki sent you. She'll understand.

(End of conversation)

No, nothing

Damn. Well, we're at a dead end then. I'd suggest trying to find any sort of records the gang might have left.

(End of conversation)

Intro (After showing him the PDA)

I think Dr. Amundsen is your best path with that PDA. You can grab a Metros next door and be down to the university in a couple minutes.

She probably teaches but, knowing her, she'll be in the labs all day either way.

(End of conversation)

Intro (After discovering Dr. Amundsen kidnapped)

Before telling him:

You look troubled. Have you found something?

Dr. Amundsen's office…
No, nothing yet (End of conversation)

After telling him:

Please, take a look for him. He should be able to hold his own, but if they've started… well, I want to know if they've started to pick us off.

Tell me more about him
You go instead
No worries (End of conversation)

Dr. Amundsen's office…

That's… disquieting… well, if the good doctor has gone missing…

Oh no. I hate to distract you, but Dr. Amunsen and I, when we worked together, we had a mutual acquaintance. I fear he might be in danger now.

We really need to make sure he's alright. I'll do it myself if need be, but I think you're far better equipped for the job.

I'll do it
You do it
Let me think (End of conversation)

I'll do it

Alright, good. Across Southside Park from here, there's a building that looks abandoned. He's staying… or at least was staying, there.

Obviously, if something's happened to her, he might be a target too. For the front door, the combination is 1623.

(End of conversation)

You do it/You go instead

Alright, well, I guess there's nothing that can be done then. I'm going to go after him myself.

(End of conversation)

Tell me more about him

Well… it's a long story, but you're already so involved. I think I've mentioned I used to work in a corp lab.

Well, Dr. Amundsen and our mutual friend… I believe his real name is David… anyway, we all worked together.

Dr. Amundsen led network security and David was a research intern. He should be able to take care of himself, but I have a terrible feeling about this.

(End of conversation)

Intro (After rescuing survivors)

After rescuing David but not Dr. A:

Thank you! Thank you!

He should be healing up nicely. I'm even more concerned now about Dr. Amundsen. But, I suppose, we can hope they took her prisoner too… rather than killing her.

(End of conversation)

After rescuing Lo and David:

Thank you! Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.

I thought I might see a bit of resistance, maybe some Fangs or something, but nothing like that. Nothing like that.

I think we'll both be fine, though. We've both gotten through worse before.

(End of conversation)

After rescuing Dr. Amundsen but not David:


After rescuing David and Dr. Amundsen:

I don't know how you managed it, but you did it. Dr. Amundsen and David are both alive and well.

During the accident that set us all on our path, there were four survivors. If you'd accept, I'd like to send you after the last.

Tell me more
Let me think about it

If Dr. Amundsen died:

I can't believe they got to Dr. Amundsen… I told her "don't go back to the school, they'll find you" but she never listened.
It's obvious we've taken too long, been too inactive. We need to find the last survivor, learn what she knows.

Last survivor?
I need some time End of conversation

Tell me more

We're in a bad spot… we're all at risk, I think. There were four of us to start with.

The last survivor, she was the closest, but could make it through anything. She decided to stay in the Slags.

If you'll do it, that's where I want to send you. It sounds insane, I know.

They've walled the whole area off, but there's a Metros station within walking distance. Last I heard of our friend, Helen, she was in one of the remaining office buildings… east of the crater.

Alright, I'll help
What's in it for me?1
No thanks
I'll be back later (End of conversation)

Intro (if you decline to help save Hel)

Have you changed your mind?

What's in it for me?1
No (End of conversation)

Alright, I'll help/Yes/Alright, I'm in

Thank you. You have no idea how much this helps.

She's in danger… we're all in danger, until we can figure this out.

(End of conversation)

What's in it for me? 1

That's… a fair question, I suppose. I'm asking you to go into a toxic wasteland, prowling with drones and Midgard defenses. It's not as though I'm asking you to pick up some eggs from the store… although I suppose that's harder now than it used to be.

I'll be honest, I can't pay you. I've been living here for years now mostly on Mikhail's charity, trying to help where I can. And even if I could make you, I wouldn't.

But something serious is afoot and… I've been on the run for long enough to know when things are about to get worse. Hel's able to take care of herself, but if anyone has the missing pieces to this puzzle, it's her.

But, like I said, it's your choice. I don't have anyone else to turn to, but I suppose we'll just have to make do without her.

Alright, I'm in
Why do you think it'll get worse
No, what's in it for me?
No thanks
I'll get back to you (End of conversation)

Why do you think it'll get worse

I can't say I completely understand the situation. That's part of the reason we need Hel back so badly. She's the one who's been staying in the Slags all these years, she must know something. And… well, she volunteered to stay in the Slags to find out what wiped out that entire section of the city and if there's any risk of it happening again. I can't abandon her in good conscience, but I also can't get in there to find her.

But, here's what I do know: someone wants us badly. The only thing that connects us is that we used to work together for Midgard, before the Incident that created the Slags.

It sounds morbid, but I'd be less concerned if they wanted to kill us. Midgard's… gotten used to its power over the last ten years and assassinations might pass for "spin control" now. But those gangers weren't interested in killing anyone, at least at first. They wanted some kind of information and they wanted it for someone else.

I'm sure you can see my logic. Someone rounds up some gangers to gather information. The only information we share that's remotely valuable is related to the Incident. So the only conclusion I can reach is that someone wants to repeat the Incident, whether it be as a power source, an experiment, or a weapon. I'm not ready to let that happen and I'm damned sure Hel isn't ready to let that happen, but I need your help to get her back.

Alright, I'm in
No, what's in it for me?
No thanks
Let me think (End of conversation)

No thanks

Well… I'll try to make do and figure out what's going on. If you ever change your mind, come back.

(End of conversation)

No, what's in it for me?

Well, that's fair I suppose… it is your hide after all. Like I said, I can't and won't make you do anything. On the other hand, I think it's a pretty good idea.

In my mind, there are two reasons you should be concerned.

First is that whoever wants us, even if I'm jumping to conclusions about Midgard, has to want some information about the Incident that created the Slags. That one blast scoured almost a quarter of the city off the face of the earth and poisoned more than a million people. And I'm still fairly certain it was an accident. If the "Third Eye" or whoever's behind them wants information about it, I think it's safe to say we need to find out why they want it.

Also, and I apologize if this is a touchy topic, but Mikhail's mentioned you have a certain… talent, we'll say. You get beating, shot, stabbed, set on fire, whatever sort of physical trauma the world can dish out and you come back for more. He calls it your "lucky streak."

Well, about… god, almost three years ago now, I was living in Oldtown, working as a pharmacist under a false name. A man, I assume from Midgard, came after me. The owner of the store shot him twice in the head… I went home to pack my things and disappear.

I rigged a trap on the door, expecting him to have a partner, but he just strolled in like nothing had happened. A dozen explosive charges and almost a liter of nitric acid… he got knocked through the wall, on fire, and hit the sidewalk ten stories down. I'm still not sure if he got back up…

So, I guess what I'm saying is that I disagree with Mikhail's hypothesis. I'd say you're not lucky at all, but that you need to find out for sure before Midgard finds out about you.

Alright, I'm in
No thanks
I'll get back to you (End of conversation)

Intro (After accepting the Slags quest)

The Slags are almost impenetrable. You're going to be hard pressed to find a way in.

Midgard has built a wall around it, enough to withstand the force of another "incident." Possibly you could get under or over it, somehow.

But I'd focus on trying to get through the gate. The human element, they say, is always the weakest.

(End of conversation)

Intro (After rescuing Hel)

Ahhhh, Hel. I'm so glad we have the crew back together again.

Now we'll need to figure out where the Eclipse is coming from and whether it has anything to do with Midgard and the Slags… I'm sure you can guess my hunch on that.

(End of conversation)

Intro (After starting Survivors quest)

Good work… fantastic work, getting Hel back. We've been talking and I think her paranoia might have some grounding.

She suspects that we've been targeted for our old work because it somehow relates to Eclipse. It seems unlikely at best, honestly. There were no other survivors and all the records were vaporized during the Incident that created the Slags.

But at the same time, it fits together. If you'd be interested, I'd like to ask for your help confirming her suspicions.

I'll do what I can
What did you do?
What's in it for me?2
No thanks

What did you do?

It's not something I talk about a lot… but you of all people should know what you're dealing with.

Right after I got my degree Midgard recruited me for a Research and Development posting. It's been almost thirty years… how time flies, I suppose.

Eventually I moved up to a project lead in Test Facility One. That's where I met David, Dr. Amundsen, and Hel. We all worked there. Although I knew David and the good doctor as Baldur and Sif at the time.

As you can probably guess from the code names, it was a very secure facility. We were working on things a decade ago that still haven't hit the market.

Baldur was working on my project, the analysis of a strange flower from southeast Asia that appeared to have strong psychoactive properties. We were basically given free reign, but could barely isolate the active ingredient, let alone find any use for it.

But I spent years poring over analyses of that flower and the chemical makeup of Eclipse looks very similar. That's what I'd like to investigate.

Alright, let's go
What happened then?
What's in it for me?2
Let me think (End of conversation)

Alright, let's go/I'll do what I can

I'm sorry to lean on you so much, but there isn't really anyone else to turn to. Most of my old contacts are dead or gone to ground. Not that I blame them.

As I was saying, though, I'd like to confirm what Eclipse is made of. If I'm right, and I hope I'm not, Midgard is probably mass-producing it somehow. If I'm wrong, we'll probably have to scour the criminal underground.

I mentioned certain enzymes before that looked familiar in Eclipse. Those weren't the active ingredient in the flower we were examining, just a chemical signature that looked familiar.

The only way we were able to isolate the active ingredient was… David's idea actually. He wanted to try a Eurasian device. They called it a protein analyzer, but that's a euphemism for vaporizing something with high energy radiation and sorting through the remains.

Anyway, if we could get our hands on one of those, we could verify it pretty easily. Of course, you probably guessed when I said "high energy radiation" that they're not easy to get ahold of.

My best lead is that there's a Eurasian arms dealer who runs a small operation out of a bar called the Happy Hour, near Metroplex University. He might be able to get us in touch with someone who can smuggle one into the city.

(End of conversation)

What happened then?

Ah… I thought Hel might have filled you in on the rest. The four of us, we were friends… or at least friendly acquaintances.

We had lunch every Wednesday, usually downtown at a nice little tea place. Almost everyone else took their lunches at their desks or in the cafeteria, so they didn't have to come back through security. Hel always waved us back through.

Anyway, one Wednesday… poof. The whole section of the city around TF1 was gone. We could hear the explosion from downtown, of course. The shockwave broke all the windows that were still glass and the debris was so thick, you couldn't see the sun. More people died of lung failure or cancer than in the explosion.

The four of us made it, but nobody else did. My boss, all the other researchers, all of Sif and Hel's employees…

Hel says there's a crater now where TF1 used to be. I helped the relief effort, but I never had the heart to go look.

Alright, let's go
What's in it for me?2
Let me think (End of conversation)

What's in it for me2

What's in it for you? Not enough, that's for certain.

Last time I tried to puzzle something like this out, we had a ten-figure budget, a team of PhDs, and a private army. Not to denigrate your help… quite the contrary. The progress we've made so far is extraordinary.

I suspect you're in this too far to back out now. The attacks on Bal… David and Dr. Amundsen prove what we know already is dangerous. We've got to see this thing through.

And… I'm not sure if you care, but… if I'm right about where this stuff comes from, I'm partially responsible and I'd like the chance to make amends.

Alright, let's go
Yea, not interested

No thanks/Yea, not interested

Yes, well… I can't blame you. If you change your mind, come back.

Otherwise I'll work with this sample you gave me earlier and see what I can find.

(End of conversation)

Intro (after agreeing to help find the protein analyzer)

Thank you for agreeing to find that analyzer. I'm sorry we don't have any better leads, but I doubt we can get it through any legitimate channel.
I've got it (With protein analyzer in inventory)
What's the lead?
Tell me about the analyzer
I'll be back (End of conversation)

I've got it

Ahhh, good to hear. Go ahead and install it at your place.

Mikhail would probably let us install it in the back room but… well, that doesn't seem terribly secure.

Once you've gotten it done, we'll want to break some Eclipse down. Get some as pure as you can, then run it through the analyzer.

(End of conversation)

What's the lead?

The best lead I found was that old arms dealer near the University. My contacts said he keeps to himself mostly, in the back room of a place called the Happy Hour.

The components for these analyzers are, well, illegal anywhere they have laws. Unlike my old job, we can't just requisition some radioactive materials and have them show up in a lead box the next week.

(End of conversation)

Tell me about the analyzer

Well, I mentioned the enzymes we were working on, back in the day. The only way we were ever able to isolate the active component was with one of these analyzers.

It was David's idea, really, the whole philosophy behind these analyzers is old quackery. But it worked and I'm not one to argue with results.

But it follows that if Midgard is using our old research to make Eclipse, it should be fairly trivial to extract the same ingredient using one of these analyzers.

(End of conversation)

Intro (after building the analyzer)

Once you've run some Eclipse through the analyzer, come back and we can go over the results. I still hope I'm wrong but… we'll know soon.

Make sure you use the most concentrated stuff you can get your hands on.

I've got it
One second (End of conversation)

I've got it

Ah, excellent.

Yes, this is definitely the same substance. I don't know how Midgard can be behind this, but I can't doubt the results.

I suppose it's possible, in my wildest fantasies, that some gang lord replicated the results… but… no, it has to be Midgard. Or, channeling less of Hel's paranoia, I suppose it has to be someone working for Midgard.

What's next?
Why are you worried?
I need to think

Why are you worried

Midgard has incredible resources backing it up. They all but own the city, controlling most of the news and serving the local security contract. Half the officials in city hall are handpicked by Midgard and I don't dare guess how many of the rest have been bought out.

Whatever they're planning on doing, they've gone to great lengths to keep it secret. I think that's all we've got. As long as we can keep the fight in the shadows, they won't dare move too overtly.

We've got the upper hand for now, but we still don't know what their plan is. Even if they can produce this stuff for a credit a dose, there's no way they'd flood the market like this. They're smarter businesspeople than that. They're playing a separate game we haven't seen yet.

At best they're unethically testing a new treatment on an unsuspecting populace… but I think we both know better than to give them that much credit.

What's next?
I need to think (Ends conversation)

Intro/What's next?

How we need to move now depends on how Eclipse is entering Metroplex. Hel believes certain… animals, especially near the Slags, have somehow been contaminated.

During our old tests, the substance proved inert in every test animal except chimpanzees. So I must admit I doubt Hel's claims.

But, if there is some environmental contamination, that would imply Eclipse is being made or harvested inside the city somehow and in great quantities. I think it's worth pursuing.

Let's do it
I'm taking a break (End of conversation)

Let's do it

Well, the easiest way to test Hel's hypothesis is breaking down samples from those animals in the analyzer. Any Eclipse in their remains should form the same sort of residue you saw earlier.

(End of conversation)

Intro (after agreeing to help more, after analyzing Eclipse)

Any luck?

Hel said the animals around the Slags were particularly vicious, so I can't imagine getting those samples is a cakewalk. Take what time you need.

I'm curious to see our results, though.

I've got something new
What's our status?
Just a second (End of conversation)

I've got something new

Ah, excellent. Well, show me what you've found.

Charred Blob (see below)
Fine Hound Dust
Ghoul Protein
Protein Database
Toxic Oil
Ink Extract
Serum Powder
Shivering Capacitor
Spider Ash
Plant Residue
Nevermind (End of conversation)

(Analyser results)

Charred Blob:

How peculiar… there's not much trace of whatever this was before it went into the analyzer. There isn't any Eclipse, that much I can say, but other than that…

My closest point of reference is the digestive fluids of spiders. Be glad whatever this came from didn't catch up to you.

Fine Hound Dust:

What I wouldn't have given for something like this back when I had a proper lab… all I can tell here is that it's not even organic. It's some kind of crystal. It acts a lot like it's undergoing radioactive decay, but I can't find any variations in structure or detect any emissions other than heat.

It doesn't contain any of the compound we're looking for, but it reacts with it fairly strongly. Back during our initial investigations we couldn't get it to do anything chemically. I still don't know how the human body metabolized it, but it definitely did.

Ghoul Protein:

I took a look at the sample and I'll grant it's very interesting. It seems to be almost entirely human, which the analyzer sorted out well enough.

All that's left are a few very strange proteins… prions if I don't miss my guess, although I'd need a better lab to say for sure.

No sign of Eclipse in them, though, not even casual users before… whatever happened to them.

Plant Residue:

Whatever plant this came from is… gibberish. It looks like what people think we're making in our labs: chimeras of half-a-dozen species, crammed together without rhyme or reason.

Even the species are things they'd name: kudzu, Venus flytraps, corpse flowers… only the most obvious pop culture stuff. I'm half surprised there aren't poison ivy proteins in there.

In any case, it isn't contaminated with Eclipse. It's more likely the sample got cross-contaminated with a bunch of other samples.

I don't mean to denigrate your work so far, it's been exemplary. But the results of the protein analysis are almost insulting.

Protein Database:

Nice to see the protein analyzer actually doing its job. The database is interesting, but it definitely doesn't contain any readings that would indicate Eclipse.

What intrigues me is its unnatural arrangement of proteins. There are a lot of proteins that are isolated to one species or ind… never mind, that part's not important, I guess. The end result is that you've got a creature that could only be built in a lab, stitched together out of a dozen different species.

I'm not sure why anyone would, although it wouldn't surprise me if Midgard were finally able to manage that. They were close when we were working for them.

Toxic Oil:

This is amazing, but not in a good way. It's like someone took the worst toxic waste out of Lake Metroplex, distilled it and somehow crammed it into one tiny droplet.

Poisons, mutagens, and carcinogens all in a complex dance creating more toxins as they interact. I worked enough with this stuff during the disaster recovery to say that this isn't possible.

I mean, obviously, I just examined it, but chemistry doesn't work that way. It's like… instead of the world following the laws of chemistry, they just asked a random guy on the street about industrial waste and included all of it. Huh.

Oh, sorry, I need to get back on track. If it contains any Eclipse it's in trace amounts compared to the rest of the cocktail.

Ink Extract:

You say this came from ink? I guess I was expecting something black.

Biochem can play some tricks on you, though, no worries. As far as I can tell, the ink this came from was seriously tainted with industrial waste… which would make sense coming from Lake Metroplex.

I couldn't explain to you how giant cephalopods got into the lake, but there isn't any Eclipse in the sample, so its not directly related.

Serum Powder:

This is… from you? Interesting.

Well, it's not Eclipse or even a close relative, but it has made it through the analyzer intact in a similar manner. Whatever it's made out of, it's not even reactive enough for the analyzer to realize it exists.

Nothing organic should have survived and… frankly, there aren't many inorganic substances that should make it through either.

I'm afraid I don't have a theory for you about what this dust is or what it might be doing for you, but thank you for bringing it to me. Hopefully we'll be able to crack the code, for all our sakes.

Shivering Capacitor:

Capacitors? Well, I can't say they're really my area of expertise. None of us were really into electronics, except the good doctor tinkering with computers.

That said, there doesn't seem to be anything resembling the Eclipse residue in them. Could swear my instruments started… moving when I was examining it, though, so there might have been a malfunction.

Spider Ash:

You say this came from something living? It's strange, it looks more like charred rock than anything organic.

There's no Eclipse in it, but my tests show it's toxic enough on its own.

I've got more
How's our status?
Alright (End of conversation)

How's our status?

<type> = from sample:
crystalline sample = fine hound dust
near-human sample = ghoul protein
patchwork = protein database
toxic = toxic oil
digestive fluid = charred blob
ink = ink extract
electrical = shivering capacitor
ash = spider ash

With no samples other than eclipse residue turned in

Well, I'm looking forward to seeing some samples when you get your hands on them. I'm keen to see if Hel is right, that all these people and creatures are being tainted by Eclipse somehow.

(End of conversation)

With 1 sample and eclipse residue turned in

Well, the <type> sample didn't have any Eclipse in it, but that's more of an anecdote than data. See if you can get more from a few different species.

If Hel's right and we can track the Eclipse, it should be trivial to find the center of this web.

(End of conversation)

With 2 sample and eclipse residue turned in

Well, neither neither the <type> sample nor the <type> one we looked at so far had any Eclipse in it… which implies Hel might be wrong. See if you can find a few more, though.

If the samples do turn up Eclipse, whatever Midgard's doing should be easy to track chemically. If not… well, we're back to old-fashioned investigation.

(End of conversation)

With 3 samples and eclipse residue turned in

Well, the samples have shown some… well, downright impossible traits. It's like they're insulting scientific understanding on purpose.

None of them showed any sign of Eclipse. It seems unlikely that the <type>, <type>, and <type> samples would all come back zero if Eclipse was the mechanism at work.

We're venturing into unknown territory, but I'd feel pretty comfortable reaching a conclusion with one more sample. I doubt even Hel could argue in the face of that evidence.

(End of conversation)

With 4 samples turned in

Well, the results aren't as conclusive as I'd like, but we can safely say Hel is wrong on this one. There isn't any trace of Eclipse contamination on the samples.

Which means we're going to have to figure out who in Midgard has the data from the experiments. The division we worked for was called Special Projects. I don't know if it still exists, but keep an ear to the ground in case it comes up.

In the meantime, see what else you can find. I'm sure it all links together somehow.

(End of conversation)

With 4 samples turned in, after having already completed another survivor's quest? Or is this an update that replaced the above?

Well… the results aren't as conclusive as I would have hoped, but we can safely say Hel was wrong. None of these samples had any Eclipse in them.

I certainly can't explain where they come from, but it's not simple contamination. Which means we don't have to scour the Slags looking for some hidden factory.

Now that we know what we're dealing with, though, I think we can probably get some answers. We're going to need to work out some security issues first, though. If we're really up against Special Projects, we've got to get better about hiding our presence.

(End of conversation)

Intro (After completing his quest but before proving Special Projects' involvement to Hel's satisfaction)

Keep an ear to the ground about Special Projects' involvement. If Midgard's involved in developing or producing Eclipse, it'd probably start there…

I just don't know anymore. I assumed we were seeing chemical contamination, maybe some street drugs based on the fallout, which has happened more than a few times.

Anyway, I'm glad you're looking into it. If Midgard isn't involved, they could be a huge asset setting things right. And, to be honest, they're even more cutthroat now than when we worked there and I don't want to attract their attention unless there's no other choice.

I've analyzed some more
Alright, bye (End of conversation)

Intro (After completing his quest and confirming Special Projects' involvement but before asking Hel what's next (?) )

So… Special Projects is tied up in all this. I wish I knew why… I mean, what's the profit motive?

Hmmm. Well, I'm sure that'll become clearer as we dig.

I've analyzed some more
Alright, bye (End of conversation)

Intro (After completing his quest and confirming Special Projects' involvement but before choosing a contact)

Well, we're going to have to split up… it's the only option. We all go back into hiding, with only one of us remaining in contact with you.

That way, no one knows where we all are or how to track us all down. We're fighting something much larger than ourselves… it's time we started acting like it.

You should be my contact
Let me think (Ends conversation)

You should be my contact

Yes, I suppose it has always been you and I, hasn't it?

I still have a sinking feeling Eclipse is related to the chemicals we were working on before the Incident… perhaps even causing it somehow. We've already seen what we can do with the right tools.

But with your talents and my knowledge, I think we can get to the bottom of Eclipse and, well, your talents.

Intro (After proving Special Projects' involvement to Hel's satisfaction if you didn't do his quest)

I'm glad we've gotten this figured out. I still had some questions, but I think Hel's approach is the right one.

I'll investigate things scientifically while you handle the rest with someone else.

(End of conversation)

Intro (After choosing him as your contact)

We should give our colleagues time to go to ground before we draw any more of Midgard's attention. I have a feeling our next track of exploration will take us out into the lion's den.

I've analyzed some more
Alright, bye (End of conversation)

Explain the Ghoul King

How… could that be possible? Hah. I suppose I shouldn't judge Eclipse with my preconceptions. We've seen far too many strange things… for much to startle me anymore.

I know David's recent work involved such things. He was investigating some strangeness at the Docks, so it might be related.

(End of conversation)

This puzzle box mentioned you

I'm almost certain it must have been one of our old boss's designs before he died. It definitely looks like… a lot of the work he did himself.

Tell me about him

Tell me about him

Well… he was a genius. I think that's probably where to start. You know those maid drones that they always have ads for? The one that Midgard's selling for half a million credits?

He designed them in college. The chassis, the programming, the sensors, the plastics, everything. Most of their drones are still based off his designs and he didn't even like robotics.

Anyway, I've worked with a lot of very talented people in my day, present company included, and they tend to be a little eccentric.

I remember… damn, almost fifteen years ago now, one of the lab techs was joking around and asked him why he never found the cure for cancer. He looked her dead in the eye and said "because nobody I like has ever gotten cancer."

I shouldn't speak ill of the dead, though. He died, along with the rest of our coworkers, during the Incident that created the Slags. It must have been painless but… the world lost a brilliant mind that day.

It's a shame, it really is.

(End of conversation)

Intro (When it's time to go to Oldtown?)

Thank you for rescuing my colleagues. I’m not sure how we can ever repay you.

Let's figure out Eclipse
Tell me what you know
I'll think of something (End of conversation)

Let's figure out Eclipse/What now?

(this line from What now? only) Well, I’m glad we’re on the same page.

I believe Eclipse is related to a substance we were testing before the Slags, well, became the Slags. Our boss said it was an enzyme extracted from a plant… something from Southeast Asia, found deep in the jungle.

I’m not sure how that squares with the protein analyzer’s results, but you might be able to get the original samples. If they’re anywhere outside of corporate HQ, it’d be in the Oldtown records building.

Probably in the vault. They have cold storage there, going all the way back to the Orbital Wars.

Let's do it!
Come again?
Let me think (End of conversation)

Tell me what you know

I’ll tell you what I can… it seems like the smallest details might be significant but…

I joined Midgard Special Projects as it was reorganized under Wotan. He never told us his real name and we weren’t supposed to tell each other. He loved those codenames more than life itself.

Everyone forgave his eccentricities, though, because he was a genius. David… Baldur, could almost keep up with him. I could as long as he stuck to biochem, but just as often he’d be talking about robotics or neural algorithms or opera or genetic modifications or invented languages or high energy physics.

He was awful at running teams, but he mostly left that to people like me. One of the projects, how I met David, was testing a plant extract. It was powerfully psychotropic, but Wotan didn’t want to taint the results by telling us what he expected it to do. Maybe it was just recreational, although he seemed really excited.

That project was his favorite, otherwise David would never have been assigned to it.

But fast forward to now and I think that same extract, or a related chemical, is the active ingredient in Eclipse.

What now?
Thanks (End of conversation)

Let's do it!

Great! Let me know what you’re able to find in Oldtown.

Unlocks access to Oldtown?

Come again?

Sorry. In Oldtown, there’s a records facility. Under it, there should be some ancient cold storage lockers with samples from our old trials… the ones that must have lead to Eclipse.

Sounds good
I'll think about it (End of conversation)

Intro (On Oldtown quest)

Let me know if you're able to find those samples or anything new from the analyzer.

I got the seeds! (After finding generation zero sample)
I have the seed data (After getting a seed breakdown)
I've analyzed some more
Alright, bye (End of conversation)

I got the seeds!


Well… I'm not a botanist, exactly, but those look like lotus seeds. I wouldn't guarantee it, but they do look fairly distinctive.

We're not likely to do better than the analyzer you assembled, so go ahead and run them through that. We can go over the results together.

I have the seed data

Excellent! Let's take a look.

Well, there certainly was Eclipse in that sample, which means we're on the right track. The rest of this… it's confusing at best.

These look like seeds, but they don't contain any useful genetic material, let alone some that could explain Eclipse. There's an off-chance the plant only spreads with runners or cuttings or the like…

But I think it's far more likely we're looking at something like the other samples: somehow created through the effects we're seeing in the Slags. Which, sad to say, doesn't fit our timeline at all.

Intro (After completing the Oldtown quest)

This situation keeps growing stranger. But everything we've seen points to Eclipse being created intentionally…

And someone's gone to great lengths to throw us off the trail. We're probably going to have to go to the top.

I hate asking you to do this, after everything, but would you be willing to go Downtown and find the answers in Midgard Headquarters?

That seems dangerous


Good to hear. I'm sure it's going to be dangerous but, if it's you, maybe we've got a chance.

I wish I had better advice to give… neither breaking nor entering has ever been my forte, but I'd suggest looking up some folks with the experience I lack. I'm sorry for asking you to run with a rough crowd on top of everything else.

(Ends conversation)

That seems dangerous

I can't deny that. Take some time to think it over.

(Ends conversation)

Intro (After starting the Heart of Midgard quest)

Well, getting into Midgard Headquarters is going to be a trick. Don't rush yourself; see if you can find some allies close to the ground there.

(Ends conversation)


Three samples, the third paragraph was replaced by:

But there hasn't been any sign of Eclipse itself. I'd feel pretty comfortable reaching a conclusion with one more sample. I doubt even Hel could argue in the face of that evidence.

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