Lobby Elevator



Encounter Conditions

Gotten past Elevator Security Checkpoint. Access is removed after rollover and needs to be unlocked again.

Initial Text

Despite the hustle and bustle of the lobby, people seem allergic to sharing elevators. Even if more than one person goes in, it'll be two or three already in the middle of a conversation.

The main bank of elevators have absurd lines, but one of the elevators in a smaller bank dings cheerfully as you approach.

Or, with Lobby Alarm?

People seem to have cleared away from the elevators for the time being, so it only takes a moment for one to arrive.

Summary of Choices

  1. Hop in - results
  2. Leave it be - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Hop in

You step into the elevator. It doesn't have any buttons inside, just a small lighted sign reading "SCANNING…"

Without a valid badge:

A mechanical voice explains "You are not currently a registered guest. Please wait in the lobby until fifteen minutes before your appointment. If this is in error, contact the party you are visiting."

Or, with a call center ID/downtown manager ID:

A mechanical voice explains "access to that area is temporarily unavailable. Time to repair… unknown."

Or, with a downtown security ID/downtown visitor ID/internal security ID/mailroom ID:

A mechanical voice explains "your location is currently registered to the lobby. If this is in error, contact your manager."

Or with a janitorial ID:

The elevator moves smoothly, such that you'd expect it to open right back where you started. Instead it opens into a maze of machinery and storage closets.

(Go to Maintenance Storage)

Leave it be

You're content where you are now, leaving the elevator to others.

(Walk Away)

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