Locations, roughly speaking, are the top level maps and everything on them. The Metros are used to move between the top level locations.

All locations are assumed to be aboveground and indoors except where indicated.

Location Notes
Abandoned Building
Buried Lab Underground
Cutrate Apartments
Little Eddie's
Mikhail's Deli
Southside Park (before quest) Outdoors
Southside Park (after quest) Outdoors
The Docks
Waterfront (before quest) Outdoors, On the shore
Waterfront (after quest) Outdoors, On the shore
Lake Metroplex (North)
Dockside Sewers (before quest) Underground
Sewer Hideout Underground
Dockside Sewers (after quest) Underground
Abandoned Subway Underground
Mushroom Cavern In Caverns, Underground
Midgard Warehouse
Squatter Warehouse
Squatter's Refuge
Charnel House
Below the Charnel House
The Charnel House (reopened)
Metroplex U
Art Museum
Hall of Paintings
Hall of Sculptures
Combine Labs
Underground Asylum Underground
Computer Lab
Engineering Lab
Halloween Setup (Halloween 2009)
Halloween Party (Halloween 2009)
Basement Ballroom (Halloween 2010)
Basement Ballroom (Halloween 2011)
Halloween Maze (Halloween 2011)
Hollow Dorms (Halloween 2013)
The Quad (during protest) Outdoors
The Quad (after protest) Outdoors
The Happy Hour
VIP Room
University Bookstore
Outside the Slags
Abandoned Ruins
Gate to the Slags Outdoors
Midgard Bioresearch
Mostly Abandoned Ruins
Tainted Shoreline Outdoors, On the Shore
Lake Metroplex (South) Underwater
Ghost Ship Outdoors, On the Shore
The Slags
Damaged Buildings Outdoors?
First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor
Fourth Floor
Fifth Floor
Sixth Floor
Deep Crater
Gate out of the Slags Outdoors
Ground Zero
Major Crater
Midgard Laboratory
Small Crater
Webbed Building
Oldtown Lobby
Records Office
Records Vault
Party Floor (setup) (Halloween 2015)
Party Floor (party) (Halloween 2015)
Oldtown Apartments
Common Room (Halloween 2016)
Halloween Hall (Halloween 2016)
Construction Site
Misty Offices
OmniTech CyberClinic
Under Downtown
Parking Garage
Parking Garage (2020) (Halloween 2020)
Parking Graveyard (Halloween 2020)
Parking Garage (2021) (Halloween 2021)
Underground Rave (Halloween 2021)
The Cellar Door
Boarded Entrance
The Phoenix
Discount Cybernetics
Twin Offices
Bleak Building
Silver Towers
Banquet Room (Halloween 2017)
Haunted Forest (Halloween 2017)
Banquet Room (2018) (Halloween 2018)
Hall of Mirrors (Halloween 2018)
The Ballroom (Halloween 2018)
Banquet Room (2019) (Halloween 2019)
The Spider's Nest (Halloween 2019)
Curved Tower
Midgard Headquarters
(Parking Garage)
Maintenance Storage
HQ Lobby
Call Center
Squat Building
Office Tower
Old Cathedral
Lattes! (Downtown)
Silverview Condos
Zaibatsu Tower
Grocery Department
Reading Department
Electronics Department
Specialty Department
Fractured Reflection
Fractured Reflection (Spring)
Fractured Reflection (Summer)
Fractured Reflection (Autumn)
Fractured Reflection (Winter)
The Black Book
Fires of The Black Book
Tunnels of The Black Book
Special Encounters
HKGames Helmet Encounters
Feathered Cloak Encounters
Mining Encounters Underground
Dusty Encounters

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