Long Clip


Image ClipofBullets.jpg
Description This is a massive clip of bullets, intended for fully automatic weapons. You seem to recall these have been illegal for a while.
But that's probably because they work really well.
Type Usable
Use You slot the long clip. Now you're ready for some serious action.
Multi You rig up a makeshift bandoleer for your giant pile of ammunition. Now you'll have them at a moment's notice.
Effects You learned a new Technique: Full Auto


Dockside Sewers (sometimes obtained from the Vigilante Justice gang warfare encounter)
Massive Weapons Crate
Slags guard
Third Eye stash
Wall Turret


Overload a Long Clip with an Optical Array
Long Clip Optical Array
= Optical Clip
Modernize a Long Clip with a Targeting Circuit
Long Clip Targeting Circuit
= Smart Clip
toolbox.jpg empty clip (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Arms
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