Long Distance

Certain items, techniques, effects or skills gain greater bonuses when you are at a long distance from your opponent. Long distance counts when the sum of you and your opponent's chain sums total equal or greater than 12. See Distance for how this is calculated.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items


Technique Chain Long distance vs. Chain Notes
Cyberbowl Rush 4 8-9 Does Evasion instead of Melee attack at chains 8-9
Petrifying Roar 7 5-9 Ineffective at chains 0-2
Juryrigged Rocket 8 4-9 Ineffective at chains 0-3
Microrocket (technique) 8 4-9 Distance only matters with rangefinder
Rushing Image 8 4-9 Modified at chains 0-3
In the Sights 9 3-9 Less effective at chains 0-2
Longarm 9 3-9 Less effective at chains 0-2
Any technique while under On the Edge effect
Race Down the Hall 5 7-9 NPC only; Ineffective at chains 8-9
Throw Polysteel 5 7-9 NPC only; Ineffective at chains 7-9


  • Whispers from the Stars also increases your Etheric Power when you use a higher chain number, but does not use the same threshholding Long Distance mechanic listed here.

See also: Short Distance

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