Long Lost Nostalgia


Image toycatalog.jpg
Description You don't really remember having been a kid and growing up when they had good toys. Or really much of growing up at all.

But your mind is still filled with dancing memories and dreams of the toys of old. If you could just pluck them out of your mind somehow, you'd be the perfect Santa Claus.
When Used

Something about better times tickles at the corner of your memory. It almost dares you to dwell on it, drowning yourself in memories of better times.


Using a nostalgic toy catalog


Consumes Eclipse in your system in exchange for summoning various items. The cost of summoning increases each time you use it in a day, but resets at rollover. Other Etheric-type effects that can be used to power etheric techniques can also be used (see etheric for details). This skill and other Summoning Skills share the same counter for summoning costs.

Summon Cost Total cost
1 1 1
2 2 3
3 4 7
4 8 15
5 16 31
6 32 63
7 64 127
n 2nā€“1 2nā€“1

If you focus once, with enough energy of Etheric:


You kick back and think about better times. They're times that never really happened, but that's the magic of nostalgia.

You found: (one of items below)

You found: toy bricks (50% of the time)

You've summoned <n> items today.

If you are not Etheric:

You're not really in the right state of mind for that right now.

If you do not have enough energy of Etheric to focus even once:

You don't feel up to doing that again right now.

Summary of items

All these items normally have an equal chance of dropping, except the drone. If you have defeated a Tin Soldier today, a Tin Drone is added to the possible drops.

Img Item Type Effect Use Effect
(20 Energy)
jacks.jpg nostalgic jacks Offhand +4 Reflexes Nostalgic Movements +2 Power to Techniques Using Reflexes
teddybear.jpg nostalgic teddy bear Offhand +4 Will Nostalgic Comfort +2 Power to Techniques Using Will
xylophone.jpg nostalgic xylophone Offhand +4 Perception Nostalgic Tones +2 Power to Techniques Using Perception
yo-yo.jpg nostalgic OmniYo Offhand +4 Strength Nostalgic Certainty +2 Power to Techniques Using Strength
toysoldier.jpg tin soldier Usable Use to start a fight with a Tin Soldier (see below)
toydrone.jpg tin drone Usable Use to start a fight with a Tin Armored Drone

Attempting to use a "nostalgic" toy while you have another "nostalgic" effect already active:

Old toys are awesome, but you already feel pretty nostalgic. You can save this for later.

Summary of Bricks

You can multi-use toy bricks to make a variety of items:
# Img Item Type
2 brickapple.jpg brick apple Food (2 Hunger)
5 bricknuckles.jpg brick knuckles Weapon (+3 Melee Power, +3 more with Eclipse)
Can give Brick Punch technique
10 brickhouse.jpg brick house Furniture (see below)
25 brickperson.jpg brick figure Furniture (+1 Eclipse Duration)


Fighting with brick knuckles equipped can give the Brick Punch technique. Using a tin soldier or tin drone while Etheric lets you fight an animated version of the item. If you beat it with one of the nostalgic toys equipped you learn a special technique. With a brick house installed you can learn Tin Shot from the soldier and Tin Artillery from the drone. Tin opponents block all attacks except those based on a stat getting a bonus from a "nostalgic" effect. Most of the techniques do extra damage with the appropriate nostalgic item equipped.

Chain Technique Type Attribute Base Dam/Def Item Special
brickpunch.jpg Brick Punch Melee Strength 4 brick knuckles Leaves Jagged Wounds with the brick knuckles equipped
discordantchimes.jpg Discordant Chimes Etheric Perception 8 nostalgic xylophone
scatterjacks.jpg Scatter Jacks Evade (M) Reflexes 8 nostalgic jacks ineffective vs. flying or swimming enemies
smother.jpg Smother None Will 4 nostalgic teddy bear ineffective vs. no organs, does direct damage and defends (M,E,S) with bear equipped
spinningsurprise.jpg Spinning Surprise Stealth Strength 3 nostalgic OmniYo +4 as filler
tinshot.jpg Tin Shot Ranged Perception 4 brick house 10 damage as closer
tinartillery.jpg Tin Artillery Fire Will 12 brick house enhanced following a rocket technique
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