Lot Inspected



Encounter Conditions

At ≤4 site panic
In Construction Worker outfit
Without Office Worker outfit

Initial Text

A man wanders through the construction site, constantly looking back and forth between his surroundings and the contents of a clipboard. He glances in your direction, but seems satisfied with whatever he noticed in that split second.

Summary of Choices

  1. Start asking questions - Information
  2. Ask for blueprints (After learning about the architect from Wandering Newbie) - Get Oldtown blueprints
  3. Rush him - Fight Contract Inspector
  4. Assassinate him - Fight Contract Inspector or with 5 Stealth Power 4 XP in Reflexes
  5. Leave him be - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Start asking questions

He barely looks up from his clipboard. "You'd have to ask your shift leaders."

When asked where they might be, he makes a vague gesture towards the rest of the lot. He wanders off as though satisfied he's resolved your problems.

Ask for blueprints

He sighs. "I'd tell you to take it to your team leaders, but I've got a new revision on the blueprints since I sent the last set over."

"Here," your comm chirps with a file receipt, "hope it lasts out the workday."

You found: Oldtown blueprints

Removes this choice (for the rest of the day?)

Rush him

You rush over the loose gravel, covering the distance between you easily. He pulls out a pistol, some sort of self-defense model, and looks intent on putting it to its advertised use.

Well, at least you have his attention now.

(Fight Contract Inspector)

Assassinate him

He sees you coming at the last moment, drawing a tiny pistol, but that doesn't mean you can't kill him.

(Fight Contract Inspector)

Or, with at least 5 Stealth Power:


He's barely paying attention to anything beyond his checklist, so it's a simple matter to kill him from the shadows.

You've earned 4 XP in Reflexes

Leave him be

Yeah, he looks way too busy to be any use.

(Walk away)

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