Massive Meat Pinata



Encounter Conditions

Initial Text

Deep in the twisting labyrinth of cubicles, a slab of meat hangs from the ceiling like a massive pinata. At any other party, you'd assume it's just an incredibly convincing decoration…

Several students are piled beneath the slab, unmoving but clearly somehow aware. Periodically one of them will twitch, attempting to leave and giving up before they can even stand.

Summary of Choices

  1. Pull the slab down - Fight 2 giant maggots, save several students if you win
  2. Drag a student out - Gain 4 XP in Strength, save a student
  3. Grab their things - You find 2-3 of: Emerald Gift sample, old jacket, grilled panini, corduroys
  4. Finish them off - Kill the students
  5. Leave them be - Gain No Escape, fight Tusked Shadow

Choice Text and Results

Pull the slab down

You grab hold of the slab and pull, tearing it open like an overstuffed pinata to reveal its inhabitants.

(Fight 2 giant maggots)

And if you win:
As the remains of the slab rain down, several of the students seem to become aware of their surroundings. After some retching, they band together to head towards the stairs out.

(Gain 2 extra XP Will)

Drag a student out


You haul a student out and back towards the stairs. His eyes start to focus as you get to the stairs and he's able to help himself the rest of the way, barely coherent enough to offer his slurred thanks.

You've earned 4 XP in Strength

Grab their things

You pick around among the students. None of them are wearing "costumes," per se, but you grab a little here and there.

You found: 2-3 of: Emerald Gift sample, old jacket, grilled panini, corduroys

Finish them off

They offer no resistance. As you move from victim to victim, more chains slither down from the ceiling, dragging their corpses up into the dark space above the tiles.

Leave them be

As you pull away from the scene, you feel a presence following you. As the walls seem to bend and weave around you, it becomes clear there's no way you're getting away from it.

You've gained 1 duration of No Escape.

(Fight Tusked Shadow)

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