Massive Scar



Encounter Conditions

Only once you've tried to get the artist's attention

Initial Text

Following along the wall, you discover a massive scar in the stone, as though a clawed hand had torn through it. A faint sound of hooting and screaming wafts up on a hot breeze.

Summary of Choices

  1. Head in - Leads to Below the Charnel House
  2. Leave it alone - Gain 3 XP Will

Choice Text and Results

Head in

Behind the scar is a set of stairs that seems to go down forever. You make your way into the depths.

When you finally reach the bottom, you find yourself in a place plucked straight from some feverish nightmare. Ghouls, many in packs, wander a sunless cave lit only by pits of fire.

(Set location to Below the Charnel House)

Leave it alone

You turn away from the scar. A great weight lifts off your shoulders, as though you've just escaped a terrible fate.

You've earned 3 XP in Will

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