Massive Stone



Encounter Conditions



In the furthest corner of the hall, you find a massive black slab of stone. An endless line of script winds its way around the stone, changing between several different sets of characters.

It's a beautiful object of obvious weight and antiquity. Significance seems to roll off it in waves.

Without a museum-guidebook
But the sign near the exhibit says it is only a decade old. Huh.

Or, with a museum-guidebook or book of sculptures equipped
The guide explains that the stone is modeled after the famous Rosetta Stone, but is inscribed with three imaginary languages and its apparent age is, likewise, completely artificial.

And, either way:
You've gained 20 duration of Fantasies of the Stone.
(+5 duration with odd sketchbook)
(+10 with museum guidebook orbook of sculptures)
(+10 with Art Appreciation)

(These numbers could use confirming.)

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