Massive Tentacle


Image Octopus-Tentacle25.jpg
Description There aren't a lot of people that would believe where this came from. Giant squids and octopi, as it turns out, don't live in lakes and, even if they did, probably couldn't survive the toxic morass of Lake Metroplex.

All that aside, this is a tentacle harvested from a giant sea creature in the depths of Lake Metroplex. Either industrial waste has turned the lake into a bad horror movie or there's something stranger at work.
Type Misc


Ruins octopus


Slice out the tenderest parts of a Massive Tentacle
Massive Tentacle Sashimi Knife
= Cut of Tentacle
Find some edible parts of a Massive Tentacle to arrange with Sushi Rice
Massive Tentacle Sushi Rice
= Tentacle Sushi
Wrap the edible parts of a Massive Tentacle in Sushi Nori
Massive Tentacle Sushi Nori
= Kraken Roll
Mix shreds of Massive Tentacle with Black Risotto
Massive Tentacle Black Risotto
= Tentacle Risotto
Fold shredded Massive Tentacle in Pie Dough
Massive Tentacle Pie Dough
= Meat Pie
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .12 Curiosities
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