Materials Supplier

Note: This page refers to Oldos hacking, and no longer exists in the game.

One of the more common varieties of websites.
Can be found with intrusive search and target search.
Keywords: goods, parts, materials, engineering, industries, production, processing

Known Sites With Hidden Files


Action Access Alert* Notes
Elevate Privileges - variable
Browse Security Logs Full control/Level 5 0
Cancel Alert Full control/Level 5 - Allowed safely ? times
Browse Public Files Level 1 ?-8-?
Enact Sabotage Level 2 ?
Misdirect Supplies Level 3 ?
Reroute Shipment Level 4 ?
Browse Hidden files Level 6 ? Requires deep file scan
Log out - ?

Browse Public Files

You can't find anything but meeting minutes, project plans, and calendar entries. You read over a couple files before your eyes feel like they'll start bleeding.

<name> is apparently a business but it's hard to say what they sell for sure. It's just… jargon and corporate red tape a mile deep.

You've earned 2 XP in Will

… Actually… this business plan looks pretty detailed and a little shady. You're not sure who wants to see <name> take a dive the most, but they'd probably pay good money.

You found: business plan

Enact Sabotage

Poking around a bit, you find some product numbers. You copy them in case you want something later, then shuffle them, leaving a nasty surprise next time someone places an order.

You've earned 3 XP in Will

Hmmmmmm… looks like you found the drone controls for whatever facility this is. Assuredly there's some sabotage to be wrought with those.

You disconnect the automation routine and take over the drones manually. You can't really see what's going on through the drone's limited sensors, but all sorts of klaxons and blinking lights are going off, so it's got to be awesome.

Once the last of the drones connected to this control shuts down, you download the routine and head out.

You found: automation routine

You've earned 2-7? XP in Will

Hmmmmmm… looks like you found the drone controls for whatever facility this is. Assuredly there's some sabotage to be wrought with those.

You take control of a few drones and send them on a rampage for a few minutes before their power is shut down. It didn't last long, but that was probably million credits in damage to the drones alone.

You've earned 2-3 XP in Will

Misdirect Supplies

You reroute a supply shipment over to an address near your place and pick it up when you get done covering your tracks.

And then one of:

A small box filled with foul-smelling yellow powder awaits you. Thankfully, the packaging covers up the worst of it.

You found: 3 piles of sulfur

A massive jug, smelling strongly of chemicals is waiting for you. The massive stack of warning labels implies it's some sort of powerful acid.

You carefully portion it off to use later.

You found: 4-5 flasks of powerful acid

You're now the proud owner of a bunch of blank paper. At least it's not a whole roll or something.

You found: 13-17 packs of blank paper

The container is filled with small plastic beads. It takes a second, but you recognize them as raw polysteel.

With a blowtorch, you could make some pretty neat stuff out of it.

You found: 4 handfuls of polysteel

Reroute Shipment

You divert a shipment that was heading through Metroplex to an empty lot near your place.

And then one of:

The shipment is apparently a pile of random metal pieces, mostly nuts and bolts. The drone that delivered them just dumped it out, but you're able to gather a few handfuls.

You found: 2-3 handfuls of nuts and bolts

(only if you have salvaging tools in inventory?)

Good thing you chose the empty lot too, because apparently that shipment was a solid steel I-beam.You break down as much of it as you can with your salvaging kit before the whole area is overrun with scavengers.

You found: 3-4 steel ingots

They dropped a massive sheet of white plastic here. (It looks like polysteel.)*

You found: sheet of white plastic

Good thing you found these comm dish components being shipped back for recycling. Lucky!

The largest piece is definitely salvagable and you quickly break down the rest for parts.

You found: battered dish segment and 2-4 of nuts and bolts, polysteel, steel ingot

Note: If you have no salvaging tools, you only get the segment and the message is slightly changed.

Browse Hidden Files (requires Deep File Scan)

You take a look around, seeing what <sitename> would rather keep hidden.

And then one of:

They keep the control protocols for their drones fairly well hidden, but you download what you can.

You found: 2-3 math subroutines and 0-2 automation routines

Well, this file labeled 'Trade Secrets' sounds pretty interesting. The contents are all gibberish to you, but you can probably find a buyer.

You found: trade secrets

You find their internal mailing lists and help yourself to the contents.

You found: mailing list

Hmmm, the data isn't very interesting, but the program they use to view it actually looks pretty damned handy.

You found: HUD Manager

* Only appears if you've encountered polysteel, apparently.

Materials Supplier is a website type

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