Maximizing Your Energy

Energy accrues naturally, but obviously you never have enough to do everything you want. Just like time in real life.

The main step to maximizing Energy is to use the best Food available. Certain Drugs can also help, but it has to be balanced against your desire for the other benefits drugs provide.

Full tables of hunger-to-energy-ratio and body-to-energy-ratio are available, for quick comparison of food and drugs.

NOTE: The following is for players who are interested in improving their energy gains after they've been around a little while. (It also suffers from infrequent updates.) Regardless, we should make The Newbie's Guide to Getting Energy and The Speeder's Guide to Getting Energy.

Sushi is good, but requires many items and significant Energy expenditure crafting and acquiring the ingredients. Sushi Chef increases sushi gain from crafting (also see Miscellany). Ocean Sight increases Energy gain from most sushi.

Luxury Food shipments from the gang hideout Smuggler are pretty good, require no Energy, and get better the more you request them.

If you do not have access to Sushi or Experimental Chemistry, but do have the skill Ghoultouched, defeating an enemy by using Ghoul Bite in the final round will allow you to eat their corpse if you have the option enabled. This gives you 4-5? energy at the cost of 1 Hunger, and has the added benefit of requiring no expenditure of items, energy or credits.

Assuming you do not need to use drugs for Etheric, Bone Spikes, or any of their many other effects, caffeine powder is a decent choice if you can make it.

New to the gang warfare scene is Nova. On its own it's terrible, costing 8 body, giving little reward, and harshly debuffing you. However, when "cut" with caffeine powder via chemistry, it becomes (several helpings of) cut Nova, which is basically caffeine powder, but costing only 4 body instead of 6. This makes it the second best drug in the game, and due to the mass result, the crafting energy expenditure is minimal. (For the curious, stimulant dust provides the most Energy per Body, but is difficult to obtain and dangerous to use.)

If you do not have any energy-granting drugs, a Castor capsule will allow you to 'trade' 3 body for 1 hunger, allowing you to eke out a couple more adventures from your food. This is rarely helpful, although it does have the side effect of clearing certain (positive and negative) effects. With Toxic Eclipse you can trade 10 body for hunger scaling to your Eclipse Duration once a day. As food is generally more energy efficient the hunger gains can often outweigh the body cost. Please note that the exact mechanics of the eclipse duration / hunger bonus is not currently known at this time. If you're in the opposite situation, using an organ transport box once/day will give you 2 body at the cost of taking some damage (First Aid is required for this to work).


The strange watch (while etheric) and dueling knife will (each?) allow you to gain up to 5 Energy/day if you fight opponents and win. It is unknown if these stack.

The Good Worker effect gives a chance to return 1 Energy to you when you spend it crafting complex or obscure recipes.

Spending turns resting can largely eliminated with careful play:

  • Take advantage of the fact that your character receives a full heal at rollover.
  • Use evasion, first aid and various defense bonuses to reduce the amount of damage taken in combat.
  • Omnitech Trauma Bandages and other medicine can be used to heal as well. These are available from Little Eddie's Back Room for 20 credits.
  • Skills such as Healing Factor (1/day) or Kingly Favor (3/day) can fully heal you.
  • If you have to rest to heal, try to do so in an area that give the biggest amount of healing. Some areas (like The Slags) give less HP if you are not properly prepared.
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