Maze Lantern



Encounter Conditions

Halloween 2016

Initial Text

There are a lot of spooky decorations around the maze, but you have to say this jack o' lantern is especially nice. It's probably not made out of a real pumpkin like they were in the old days, but it's definitely close enough to fool someone who's never seen a real pumpkin.

And the flickering light inside just adds the right touch of Halloween ambiance.

Summary of Choices

  1. Bask in the glow - gain 50 Halloween Spirit, 5 XP Will
  2. Steal it - gain university jack o' lantern
  3. Smash it - fight The Pumpkin King and two Flock of Ravens
  4. Leave it - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Bask in the glow

You kick back and enjoy the flickering light.

You've gained 50 duration of Halloween Spirit.

You've earned 5 XP in Will

Steal it

You wait until no one's looking and abscond with the jack o' lantern. Judging by the label, it was actually brought over from the University.

You found: university jack o' lantern

Smash it

100+ Halloween Spirit, Etheric.
You approach the table, ready for some serious smashing.

The jack o' lantern trembles as you approach, giving you a moment of pause. The table rearranges into gnarled wooden body beneath it and the cloth into a flowing black robe.

The jack o' lantern smiles down at you with it's jagged grin and open its robes, filling the air with croaking ravens.

Fight The Pumpkin King and two Flock of Ravens , one on either side of the king.

Leave it

See Walk Away

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