Medical Logs


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Type File System

Responses to Functions

     Function      Message U Result
Offense = 1-2 The logs take a surprising amount of punishment without crashing, continually rewriting the files from backup. O+3?
Offense ≥ 3 The logs take a surprising amount of punishment before they crash out. O*2 Gain 2 XP
(removes routine)
View ≥ 1 (after learning about S43, one time only?) You quickly find medical records for an S43. It's the only name listed for the, apparently male, patient.

From what you can tell from the records he's comatose in "priority care." There's only one room labeled that on the map, near the center of the building in the basement.
Unlocks Subject S43 encounter
View ≥ 1 There are a ton of medical records in here. They're labeled rather opaquely, but you grab a bundle.

They appear to contain genetic rundowns, so that's worth something even if they're not useful otherwise.
3 You found: <x>* Slags medical files
3? View There’s only one hidden directory on the server, but it’s utterly massive. The directory itself is named “Project Huginn” and contains years of notes. It’s largely text, but frequently contains imbedded media to illustrate points.

Unfortunately, as you read forward in time, the notes become incoherent and covered with unfamiliar jargon. The earliest entries outline the project, however.

The outline suggests that several groups of scientists and physicians be trained separately. Each group would be… well, judging by the documentation, each group was… given radically different information about the effects of the Slags on people, animals, and matter.

The hypothesis is that the observer’s expectations have some noticeable effect on Slags phenomena. The author, labeled SPSigurd in the system, was apparently given control of the facility for over four years with the sole goal of testing that hypothesis.

The most recent document indicates that the testing didn’t bear out the hypothesis. However, the expectations of Slags Poisoning’s victims did seem to have some bearing.

The document ends explaining that a small-scale test will be conducted using existing assets to determine if training modifies the effects of Slags Poisoning. That entry was added almost a month ago.

The whole thing is a pretty intense read, but you think you've learned what you can from it.
? Gain 5 XP in Will
Other The logs flip back and forth randomly between files. Odd. 1
  • Offense takes priority.
  • View takes next priority.
  • Command, Defense, and Null count as Other.


Slags Lab


* Number of files gained depends on amount of View used, corresponding more or less as follows, but with some randomness too:
View Files
1-2 1
3-4 2
5-6 3
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