Meeting Hawk



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

A smiling man with a Third Eye tattoo flags you down.

"Hello there, heard you were asking for me. What can I help you with?"

Summary of Choices

  1. Nothing, what's up? - information
  2. Tell me about the Third Eye
    1. I'd like to join - Gain Hawk contact
    2. What about Eclipse? - information
    3. Thanks - Walk away
  3. Nothing right now - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Nothing, what's up?

He slumps back into his chair. "The news? Not too much, you know. The usual."

"Heard you cleared out that protest. Good work on that. Could use some quality folks like you."

Tell me about the Third Eye

He sits back, sipping at a Metros Light. "Well, there's a lot to the Third Eye. A lot of history… most of it's just for our members. But it can't hurt to give you the gist, can it?"

He counts silently on his fingers for a moment. "All started about four years ago, we were new around here. Used to be old money here, Mafia."

"Well, let's just say they don't leave downtown too much anymore. We've got Eclipse on our side. Nothing stopping us now."

I'd like to join

"Well, you're back here and I heard really good things about you from up front. We'll have to test you somehow, you know, make sure you're up to snuff." He looks thoughtful for a few seconds.

"Well, for now, here's my number. Consider yourself a… prospective Third Eye. We'll figure out the details later."

You've gained a new contact: Hawk

What about Eclipse?

"Eclipse? Well, no offense, but that's one of the big secrets. Can't go giving that one away." He stares off into space for a second.

"Well, really, try it and you'll see. It's hard to miss."

Thanks/Nothing right now

He nods. "Of course, have a good night. Enjoy the dance floor."

See Walk Away

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