Melee Power


Melee power increases the effectiveness of melee techniques up to a point (see combat for details).

Note also that Morale is a bonus applied to your current highest power.

See also Power to Techniques Using Strength, which boosts most melee techniques.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Melee Power Bonuses

+2 fanged lupine mask, mask bug, stainless skulls helmet w/metal music playing
SP/3 With Zalian Blade effect active: Zalian defense system, Zalian defense tool, Zalian multiweapon
+15 dorm support (without offhand)
+10 achromatic blade, dorm support, extended spider leg (without offhand), giant gnarled branch, jagged drone leg (without offhand), quivering sword, shark hide baton, shark tooth blade, twisting silver blade, writhing spear
+9 handcrafted blade, heavy baton, hunting spear, orange hilt blade, polar cable, steel clad bat
+8 ceremonial sledge, close combat needler, dancing blade, decorative spear (without offhand), ferry staff (without offhand), fire axe, fire etched sword, hardened blade, haunted bat, hooked spear, leaded-baton, live cable, massive stone talon, mislit rusted sword (with Soul in the Sword and Morale applying to melee power), palace spear, paper mache horn, salvaged pipe, serpent knuckles, spring knuckles, steel length, survivors' origami blade (with Eclipse), toy cutlass (with Eclipse), Valentine's knife, writhing cable
+7 ancient saber, arachnid blade, binding chain, black stone knuckles, cavalry saber, fragile antique blade, glinting spider limb, inlaid saber, jagged drone leg (with offhand), Metroplex slugger, oily spear, personal nailbat, Postapocalyptic Spear, reflective baton, reinforced chain, reinforced drone leg, replica katana, shining knuckles, shivering cable, Southside beatstick, twisted spider limb, unending chain
+6 anarchist crowbar, anchor chain, battered crowbar, black silver blade, black silver chain, brick knuckles with Eclipse, carved fishing spear, charred crowbar, collapsible baton, Cyberbowl ball, digging claw, extended spider leg (with offhand), filthy baseball bat, fused blade, ghoul maw, glowing support, golden cane, grave shovel, Halloween hammer, inartistic crowbar, jagged baton, knockoff katana, Midgard heavy gauntlets, mislit rusted sword (if Morale applies to melee power), old pipe, Oldtown crowbar, polysteel spider leg, polysteel support, razor knuckles, red hot pipe, refurbished baseball bat, scarred crowbar, scraped bone, shining blade, smoking talons (with trophy talons equipped), shiny crowbar, spear bug, spider drone leg, stained glass spear (with Eclipse), Stainless Skulls axe (with Eclipse), steel knuckles, stone spider leg, toy switchblade (with Eclipse), vicious chain, vine spear, Wormslayer
+5 bony sword, broken bottle, classy cane, cycle chain, decorated werewolf claw, defense knife, drowning flame, dueling knife, gleaming fang, jagged hawk talon, leaden knuckles, manhole cover, massive snowflake fragment, mining pick, ostentatious blade, princely sword, quivering switchblade, replica sword, serene crystal, silver baton, silver blade, steel baton, steel knife, stone horn, Stone's beatstick, stressed crowbar, the Hammer's sledge, thick baton, toxic spear
+4 artificial bone knuckles, battered hammer, black bayonet rifle, bone edged chain, bone spiked knuckles, bristled leg, building hammer, buzzing TZR, classic switchblade, cold rib, commemorative bone, commemorative mop, cosplay polearm (without offhand), costume saber, cracked baseball bat, decorative spear (with offhand), dormitory rubble, enforcement bat, Eurasian handcannon, ferry staff, frosty claw, gel baton, gnarled branch, gnawed hammer, hooked chain, jagged knuckles, lakebottom rock, mislit rusted sword (with Soul In The Sword), lead pipe, massive beak, massive hunting knife, mushroom spade, pitted chain, rider's sword, royal scepter (with Eclipse), rusted gun, riot baton, sashimi knife, silk whip, shiny butcher knife, skeletal staff, slammer bottle, smoking talons, thick cabling, fungus spear
+3 bone club, brass knuckles, brick knuckles (without Eclipse), glimmering flame, gold knuckles, grappler gauntlets (more at Short Distance), heavy fishing pole, highmem TZR, hustler's cue, kingly blade, modernized rifle, mop, mysterious bone, reforged pistol, reinforced kitchen knife, ringing flame, sharp stick, Stainless Skulls axe (without Eclipse), the bone scepter, thorny vine, whispering flame
+2 blade of the snows, bloodied knife, cosplay polearm (with offhand), crystalline flame, hardened switchblade, ice carving chisel, mislit rusted sword, old kitchen knife, painted parasol, plastic branch, plastic scythe, refitted switchblade, silver knuckles, stained glass spear, stalker's knife, steel switchblade, suspicious rifle, toy cutlass
+1 old switchblade, ornate letter opener, package opener, silver switchblade
+0 black switchblade, blade of the snows (with Thawing Blade),
-2 foam rock, inflatable Cyberbowl ball, plastic chain, novelty axe, novelty switchblade
-4 antique control gloves, foam brick, hollow spider leg, yellowed lace garotte
Offhand Items
+5 (Note the dorm support (without offhand) is the highest power in the offhand slot)
+4 honorary catering tray (without weapon)
+3 hunter's heart, writhing golem heart
+2 anniversary pocket mirror (with +melee power weapon or sword hilt equipped), catering tray (without weapon), crawling golem heart, curved tusk, detached fang charm, iron cauldron, struggling raven
+1 corroded digging arm, lashing golem heart, plastic figurine
+2 black stone vest, costume spikes, studded gang jacket
+4 elegantly torn pants with Fist Patch and Spiked Patching
+3 elegantly torn pants with Spiked Patching
+1 black stone pants, elegantly torn pants (with Fist Patch and a power-activating reinforcement2), honorary punk pants, punk pants
+5 mysterious puzzle rod (with Secrets of the Cube)
+4 Midgard player (with Static Seed1), Midgard player (with Unpretentious Harmony1)
+3 gold TZR, highmem TZR, TZR chipdeck, Zaibatsu TZR
+2 vine bracelet, Midgard player (with Static Harmony1), mysterious puzzle rod, Teso game console (with Journey of Heroes)
-2 Optimax PDA
Cyberware (Cyberarms)
+4 commemorative cyberarms, Inteternal blade, The Claw
+3 steel cyberblade, tiger paw
+2 basic cyberblade, digging arm, hardened cyberblade, muscular cyberarms, scaled arm, stitched arms, sealed cyberblade, unsealed cyberblade
+1 elbow spikes
-3 poseable hand, targeting cyberarms
Cyberware (Neuralware)
+2 head spikes
-3 inhibited wires
Cyberware (Organware)
-2 OmniBody heart
+6 Chitin Hands (when you don't have a weapon), Everything Is So Tiny
+4 Bone Spikes, Channeling Matsuo, Share The Pain, Wrecker
+3 Vine Husk
+2 5711, Artistic Focus, Feeling Primal, Gang Beatdown, Headbanging, Hot Chocolate, Inspired Force (with Eclipse), Powdered Knuckles, Smiling Brawler, Shrieking Skulls1, Shrug off your Chains (w/Chain weapon), Stainless Skulls1, Weapon Adjustments (w/Melee weapon)
+1 Plastic Fangs
-2 Creating Distance
-4 Cluttered Ground, Peace of Blossoms
-5 Crushed Hand, Watery Grave, Webbed
-6 Everything Is So Huge
= EP Dreamslayer (with Eclipse, with Etheric Power higher than Melee Power)
+4 Undead Scourge with a silver weapon equipped
+2 Appearance is Everything (in office-worker disguise), Pugilism

1 Mutually exclusive effects
2 Ballistic Patching, Hardened Patching, Reactive Patching, or Steel Patching
These silver weapons grant an additional +4 Melee power with Undead Scourge

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