Memento Mori


Image skullbook.jpg
Description Filled with stories of death and inevitability, this book is digging into some of the deepest human emotions. That said, it seems to be collected from a bunch of college students, so it might be better to not get your hopes up.
Type Offhand
Use See notes
Effects +4 Etheric Power


When using this item you get the message:

Everyone will die, but each death is different. Which of the thirteen shall you be?

And then one of:

When your life flashes before your eyes, you will see only a thousand chains of regret. Each unkind glance and mispoken word forges a link, while the deeper betrayals anchor them to your flesh.

And to flesh they're all bound, dragging you to Earth, unable to pass on. You will haunt this world until every link in every chain has broken.

Ideas scurry inside the dying mind like rats in a sinking ship. They seek to escape from the numb mouth, but a single moment of lucidity is not enough for a lifetime's thoughts.

Will they be able to escape? Were they ever shared or will they disappear into the swirling depths?

You're alive. It doesn't matter what anyone else says, how anyone else sees you. You're alive.

But… what happens when everyone else sees you as dead? Can you be alive if you are just something that haunts the living?

The shouts and screams follow you, chasing you back to a grave that is not your own.

In that moment, a new sun rises over a new horizon. A new story begins, even if those around you know nothing of it.

Watch over your creations well, crushing them or exalting them as you once were. Like Scheherazade, your breath ends when your stories do.

Perfect. Unchanging. Glorious.

If a being can be fixed in time forever, shouldn't it be you with every imperfection hidden and sharp truth rounded off?

When every weakness dies, what is left but a legend?

Flesh rots off bones, revealing everything we wished to hide. What was once a terrible secret is now a terrible fact.

In the end, no one can lie to Death and everyone will see our true faces.

With one last breath, the eye's final flicker disappears.

A vast painless Nothing cover the sun and spreads over the horizon until not even Nothing remains.

Tangled lines of cause and effect pull taut in that one moment until one snaps. Each of us must experience being the weakest thread once, at the end.

With that thread snapping, however, a tremble passes outward. A single thread, though snapped, will stir others thousands of miles away. Lives we've never seen, places we've never visited, can still tremble in our passing.


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Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to the gang stash.
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