Used to run Tools when Hacking, Memory is normally replenished at the start of each combat round, but memory damaged by enemy attacks will not be regenerated. If your memory is reduced to 0 by enemy attacks (but not by tool usage), your session crashes and you are booted out of the Net.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

Memory Bonuses

2 memory sidearm
3 expanded handheld
1 linked handheld
2 mimetic gang jacket, mimetic vest
2 mimetic pants
7 highmem TZR
5 biotech PDA (with Midgard neural expander), Fang PDA (with Midgard neural expander), handcrafted PDA, mock Y5, rebuilt learntop, refitted Y4 (with Midgard neural expander), unused Y4 (with Midgard neural expander)
4 expanded PDA, gold Midgard Player, monitored Midgard Player, TZR chipdeck, unlocked Midgard Player
3 Biotech PDA, buffered TZR, corporate Y5, expanded gold learntop, expanded learntop, Fang PDA, gold TZR, haunted PDA, rattling PDA, refitted Y4, unused Y4, Zaibatsu TZR
2 bejeweled comm, blazing PDA, buffered PDA, character laptop, functioning PDA, fast PDA, hardened PDA, old PDA, Optimax PDA, retro PDA, student PDA, twitch PDA
1 buffered learntop, gold dual learntop, gold learntop, OmniTech learntop, twitch learntop, updated PDA
Programs - requires a computer as gadget (& processor cost)
3 fractal cheat (2)
Cyberware (neuralware)
2 memory mesh, Midgard neural expander (only with a Midgard PDA equipped)
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