Memos From The Crypt


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Description Continuing Metroplex University's proud traditional of counterculture horror stories, the "memos from the crypt" are a collection of stories in the form of inter-office memos.

It would probably be even more convincing in a manila envelope, but the clipboard is still a nice touch.
Type Offhand
Hidden Flags Lot Inspector Outfit
Use See notes
Effects +4 Etheric Power


When using this item you get the message:

You flip to a random memo, still feeling the illicit thrill of reading someone else's mail.

Followed by one of:

To: Cristina
From: Robert
The specimens are calm today. They've barely moved at all and I can't even hear them over the ventilation systems.

Daniel's late again. Since he owes both of us a couple of hours, do you want to grab an early dinner Tuesday? I'm sure we can make him cover the start of your shift.

If things keep being this laid back, they won't need any of us here at all. We might as well enjoy it well it lasts.

To: Daniel
From: Cristina
Hey, Dan. I've been trying to run some pattern matching on the specimens' muttering. Just leave the computer on and click "yes" if it asks.

Robert won't shut up about going to dinner tomorrow. Would you mind telling him you can't cover the shift?

Seriously, I'd owe you one if you can get him to shut up somehow.

To: Cristina
From: Daniel
Sorry, Robert got to me first. I already agreed to cover the first couple hours of your shift on Tuesday.

I should have guessed he was angling for a date. Sorry for making that an even bigger mess.

I've been enjoying watching the pattern matching, but I don't think you'll get anywhere. Once the specimens get sent down here, they're way past the point of making sense.

Might as well look for patterns in clouds or background radiation. They're way past crazy once the bug's done with them.

Seriously, have you seen the guy in tank 16? Those stitches aren't from a doctor. He did those himself!

I can't save you from Robert, but I'll watch the specimens and your patterns while you're gone.

To: Robert
From: Daniel
Robert. Come down. Take a look. You owe me. Date night.

Cristina. She learned. She figured it out. I didn't believe. Now I see.

Alice. She won't understand. Don't tell her. Just come see.

Robert. Please. It's important. Look and see.

I've set a meeting. It's on your calendar. Don't be late.

To: Alice
From: Robert
Morning, boss. I know Daniel and I don't always get along, but he's really slipped a chip.

He sent me a strange memo last night. It didn't sound like him at all. He wants me to meet him down in the crypt with the specimens.

I haven't responded yet. Let me know what you want me to do.

To: Cristina, Daniel, Robert
From: Alice
There has been a security breech. Unauthorized experiments have lead to data about the specimens being leaked to public networks.

The team is confined to the lab and crypt. Once the internal investigation is completed, we'll all be able to go home.

Until then, make yourselves comfortable.

To: Alice
From: Cristina
Hey, Alice. I don't know if this lockdown has anything to do with the couple of hours I took off, but it was just Robert dragging me out for dinner.

I couldn't find a way to say "no" again, but at least it's good cover, right? I hope you're not mad.

Daniel covered my shift and now he's acting a little weird. He's been avoiding me and spending time down in the crypt with the specimens, which isn't like him at all. He was even on time today.

If something's wrong, you can talk to me.

To: Cristina
From: Alice
Don't worry about it, Cristina. It's D and R's shit. I'm not angry at you.

D wants to meet R in the crypt, way back by where you're tinkering with matching stuff. But R is too freaked out by D's grammar to show up.

Yeah, I had to add another fucking meeting to my schedule because D has more Nova than sleep and R can't handle a couple bodies floating in saline.

We can work out the deal with R on Friday. Promise you won't worry about it until then or I'll have to be even angrier at him.

To: Daniel
From: Robert
Did you get that shit from Alice? If you're pulling some stupid prank again, I swear to God I'll kill you.

Whatever you wanted me to see down in the crypt, apparently Alice is checking out instead. Don't piss her off more than you have to.

Or do. Piss her off and save the rest of us the trouble of doing the job.

To: Daniel
From: Alice
Daniel. Thank you. I understand. The whispers are right.

Robert. A fool. A coward. You were right. He didn't understand.

Cristina. She learned. She opened the gate. She was the key.

Daniel. Spread the word.

To: Alice
From: Daniel
Alice. The word is trapped. Unlock the lab. Now is our time.

Robert. He rests in the crypt. He will see it. He will see the word.

Cristina. She learned. She waits in the lab. Waits for you. Waits for Robert. Waits for anyone.

Alice. Unlock the lab. Cristina may escape. The word must spread.

To: Robert
From: Cristina
If you find this, Robert, I'm sorry. The doors have opened and I can't go back down into the crypt to find you.

Please believe me, even though we never were going to work out, I would come back for you if I could.


To: Robert
From: Alice
Robert. Give up. The crypt is ours. Look on the word.

Daniel. He understands. He has looked on the word.

Cristina. She understands. You will look on the word.

Robert. Look on the word.


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