Metroplex Day

Metroplex Day is a recurring holiday on August 13th which marks the anniversary of the launch of Metroplexity. In the past, people have gotten to set off fireworks and watch them on the Waterfront.

The Metroplex Day celebrations have remained similar each year, although there are some additions or changes every year. For specific details, see:

To participate fully in Metroplex Day you'll need fireworks. Craftable fireworks can be made year-round, but components that must be purchased, traded for, or obtained as drops from enemies are only available during the holiday period.

Firework Source
legal firework Purchase from the University Bookstore for 20 credits; drops from Fireworks Serpent or Intertwined Serpents
enhanced firework Chemistry: legal firework + nitro
twin firework Chemistry: enhanced firework + enhanced firework
gold firework Chemistry: enhanced firework + gold foil or gold powder
dangerous firework Chemistry: enhanced firework + white flakes
twisted firework Drops from Fireworks Serpent
smoky firework Chemistry: enhanced firework + gas grenade
scattering firework Chemistry: twin firework + white flakes
designed firework Electronics: scattering firework + targeting circuit
cancelled circuit Purchase from the Zaibatsu Specialty Department for 100 credits
cancelled firework Electronics: scattering firework + cancelled circuit
Roman candle Trade enhanced firework, twin firework, gold firework, or smoky firework in the Fireworks Trade choice encounter
Midgard firework Trade dangerous firework, twisted firework, or scattering firework in the Fireworks Trade choice encounter

The Metros system started sponsoring Metroplex Day in 2013 by offering free transit for the day. Traveling by Metros gives the following message:

The sign on the payment terminal just says "Metros is proud to cosponsor this year's Metroplex Day" rather than the usual request for 5 credits. The turnstyle lets you through, though, so it must be free today.

Participating in Metroplex Day allows you to get various rewards the next day. Check out Metroplex Day Rewards to see what has been available on past Metroplex Days.


BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters

       Opponents        Encounter Text Notes
Eclipse.jpg Firework-Dragon100.jpg
A firework streaks into the air and turns around, soaring towards you. The ball of flame opens a gaping maw, preparing to swallow you whole. Waterfront only; 2009+
Eclipse.jpg Firework-Dragon100.jpg
Your firework shrieks back down, gathering speed as it approaches you. It roars as it crashes down, the front of the fireball splitting open into a massive maw. After using 1 twisted firework*; 2010+
Eclipse.jpg Twinned-Fire-Serpents2.jpg
Two curving fireworks shriek back down towards you, curling closing together as the flames resolve into two serpentine heads. One firework is almost burnt out, just a guttering green flame in the darkness, while the other burns with a brilliant red light. After using 2 twisted fireworks*; 2010+
Eclipse.jpg SmokeDragon.jpg
The smoke drifting over the waterfront condenses into a recognizable shape… a dragon drifting above the waves. With a fiery roar, it turns towards you. After using a smoky firework*; 2013+
Eclipse.jpg fireworks%20spider%20100.png
Your firework continues to spread across the sky, growing larger and larger until its massive limbs are brushing the tops of warehouses, drowning the waterfront in smoke as it reaches for you.

You've gained 1 duration of Burning Web.
After using a cancelled firework; 2019+

* These encounters seem to show up anywhere aboveground (Smoke Dragon one not tested but the text implies Waterfront only?). The Fireworks Serpent and Intertwined Serpents show up the turn immediately after using twisted firework(s), but the Smoky one shows up a handful of turns later. Smoke Dragon stops showing up once you've killed it(?).

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Notes
Pre-Metroplex Day Excitement On The Quad, on August 12th (day before)
coffee.jpg Metroplex Day Is Starting On the Waterfront, first time only
coffee.jpg Single Firework On the Waterfront
coffee.jpg Double Fireworks On the Waterfront
coffee.jpg Triple Fireworks On the Waterfront
coffee.jpg Trailing Fireworks On the Waterfront, 2010+
coffee.jpg Grand Finale On the Waterfront, one time only, various conditions (see page for details)
Metroplex Day Rewards On the Waterfront, on August 14th (day after)

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

coffee.jpg? Tiny choking sobs - On Waterfront, 2014 onwards
  1. Talk to her - info
  2. Talk to him - info
  3. Return the plush (With waterlogged plush in your inventory) - info
  4. Show a roman candle - (After returning the plush, with a roman candle) - gain Cheerful Candle or collected candle
  5. Give him your sparkler - (After returning the plush, with an eternal sparkler) - gain returned hound plush
  6. Charge them - Fight Ragged Woman
  7. Leave them be - walk away

Also: Docks Fishing can give a waterlogged plush as part of normal fishing results (no new message).

coffee.jpg? Fireworks Trade - On The Quad, 2010 onwards
  1. Legal firework -
  2. Enhanced firework - lose enhanced firework, gain roman candle
  3. Twin fireworks - lose twin firework, gain roman candle
  4. Gold fireworks - lose gold firework, gain roman candle
  5. Dangerous firework - lose dangerous firework, gain Midgard firework and 4 XP in Will
  6. Twisted firework- lose twisted firework, gain Midgard firework and 4 XP in Will
  7. Smoky firework - lose smoky firework, gain roman candle
  8. Scattering firework - lose scattering firework, gain Midgard firework and 4 XP in Will
  9. No, sorry - walk away?


The Fireworks serpent encounter text used to be:

Passing under the warehouse's rafters you hear a scraping you above you. Moments later a dark form drops from above, sending crates scattering everywhere.

You hear a distant, echoing voice say "hey, stop throwing those crates around," but can't be bothered with that now that the thing is barreling at your neck.

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