Metroplex Day 2011


The third annual Metroplex Day took place on August 13, 2011, marking the 3 year anniversary of Metroplexity.

The festivities were similar to previous years (2009, 2010), with the following additions:


  • The grand finale was available for using all types of fireworks, seeing all noncombats and fighting the intertwined serpents (but do not need to win). This was probably available in previous years but was undiscovered.
  • Also, on the quad on the day after Metroplex Day:

You can pick out the Channel 2 news van near the edge of campus, which means… yup, there's Rachel and a cameraman. They're interviewing some rather sheepish students around a massive patch of scorched grass.

As you approach the crowd of gawkers through the haze of acrid smoke, the spent husks of fireworks crunch under your feet. Sadly, it seems like she's wrapping up the interview, with the students adamantly denying they'd ever do anything as illegal or stupid as set off hundreds upon hundreds of fireworks in the Quad.

With that implausible denial under her belt, she heads off to interview a nearby crowd of punks. They seem… less than interested in talking to her, yelling several things at her she'd probably get fired for airing.

When she persists, they scatter like a herd of faux leather clad, mohawked gazelles.


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