Metroplex Day 2013


The fifth annual Metroplex Day took place on August 13, 2013, marking the 5 year anniversary of Metroplexity.

The festivities were similar to previous years (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), with the following additions:


Traveling by Metros on Metroplex Day gave the following message:

The sign on the payment terminal just says "Metros is proud to cosponsor this year's Metroplex Day" rather than the usual request for 5 credits. The turnstyle lets you through, though, so it must be free today.


The Grand Finale now requires you to use a smoky firework as well as the other ones, and the encounter has a new image:



Smoky fireworks can be crafted this year. Using one lets you fight a Smoke Dragon.

The Metroplex Day Rewards gave new items in addition to the rewards available from previous years:

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