Metroplex Day Book


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Description When they hold the yearly Metroplex Day fireworks, there's always a guide book that goes along with it, but they typically don't make their way down to the Docks… let alone somewhere like Southside. This one's in pretty good shape, obviously thumbed through, but not damaged at all.

Huh, according to the book, there's supposed to be music accompanying the fireworks… that'd be another thing that never makes it down to the Docks.
Type Offhand
Use See notes
Effects +2 Fire Power
+1 Morale


Metroplex Day, 2013 onwards (always?)


Randomly receive one of the below messages:


You flip to the first section. It describes the low fireworks they set to mark the beginning of the show and the music that's apparently playing as they're fired.

You faintly recognize the name of the band. Some of the homeless in Southside Park used to like them, back before they all moved to the city looking for work.


There's a little section towards the beginning about the history of fireworks, going back to ancient China. Whoever put the book together doesn't shy away from drawing the line connecting fireworks to gunpowder and weapons of war.

They even discuss how a fireworks display is only one step from an anti-aircraft barrage and how, on average, two helidrones are brought down by fireworks every year.


Roughly in the middle of the book, you find the playlist for the main show. It's about half classical, with the remainder made up by instrumental pieces from older bands.

You'd think Midgard would get sick of playing Ride of the Valkyries all the time, but it closes things out right before the finale.


There's a section in here about the aesthetics of single fireworks, focusing the audience's entire attention on one brilliant point of light.

The poetry below the picture is kind of overselling it, talking about how it can bring the city together for one shining moment.

Or with bad poetry, satirical poetry, programmatic poetry or programmatic satire equipped:
The poetry below the picture is kind of overselling it, talking about how it can bring the city together for one shining moment, but it's pretty damned good compared to what you're used to.


There's a lovely two-page spread of the grand finale… or possibly it's a computer rendering, because people were supposed to be looking at these while they were watching the grand finale… In any case, it looks very nice.

The only text on the spread are requests to 'not litter in the city we all love' and 'please allow the elderly and those with children to board Metros first.'


Tucked in the back, there's a little retrospective about previous Metroplex Days. It sounds like things haven't changed too much over the years.

And, with fireworks shades equipped:

It turns out you didn't really need the shades. The pictures are pretty good, but they don't pack the same blinding punch as a real firework.


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .20 Curiosities
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