Metroplex U Lab (Pre-Novos hacking)

Note: This encounter is soon to be replaced by the Novos version, although currently both are available.


A computer system accessed through Open Computer Lab workstation choice encounter. You must have a computer equipped to hack it.

Options and results are listed below. "Unplug" is always an option. Each action takes 1 energy and raises the alert by the amount listed below. If your alert gets to 100 you are kicked out of the system.

Action Access Alert* Notes
Elevate Privileges - variable
Browse Security Logs Full control 0
Cancel Alert Full control - Kicks you after the 4th cancel
Trash System Full control - Data Scrubber equipped
Browse Public Files Level 1 20
Free Coffee! Level 2 20 Only usable once
Files Browse Secure Files Level 3 40
Schedule with Professor Evans Level 3 20 Only if you have heard about Professor Evans
Look for Halloween Data Level 3 ? Halloween 2010 only
Look for Golden Chip Full control 20 Only after learning about it from Professor Evans
Do a Deep File Scan Full control 20 Once only, with a Deep File Scan

* Incognito reduces this - see Alert level for details.

Elevate Privileges

Engage in net combat:

Level Defender
Level 1 password-lock-pre-novos (1P,2M,2H,3A)
Level 2 password-lock-pre-novos (1P,2M,2H,3A)
Level 3 OmniTech AutoDefense (2P,2M,2H,1A)
Full control OmniTech AutoDefense (3P,3M,3H,1A)

Browse Security Logs

Looking at the security logs slows the system to a crawl. It looks like everyone who's ever set foot in the lab has tried to hack the system at one point or another and most did so rather poorly. You do see some evidence of audits, though, which is better than some companies.

Trash System

You set about systematically destroying the system. Well, if nothing else, it'll take them a while to get Metroplex U Lab back online.

(Removes all your access, but you can hack it again that day)

Browse Public Files

You take a look through the assignments on the computer and download everything that looks useful.

You found: 2-3 of networking code, math subroutine, file interface, security patches

Free Coffee!

You switch off the payment requirement for the lab coffee pot. Free caffeine for everyone!

(Makes the coffee from the Computer Lab Coffee Machine free)

Browse Secure Files

You dig around in user's secured files and find a half-completed coding project.

You found: security updater, network interpreter, file scan, or vulnerability database

Or, rarely:

(needs text)

You found: 2 mailing lists

Schedule with Professor Evans

You dip into the calendar database and add an entry for yourself to see Professor Evans. Now to go see if he honors it.

(Allows you to go talk to him)

Look for Halloween Data

You dig around for data related to Halloween and find some in a secured folder. It seems that there's a server the student council is running most of their current contest from.

Apparently the security is "scary professional at the deep end" and it keeps moving around. It's a bit surprising they went through so much trouble.

You make a note of the current address.

Look for Golden Chip

You go over the files, but can't find anything involving the Golden Chip. Evans mentioned you might need a special tool to find it, something about a deep file scan.

Do a Deep File Scan

Going over the file structure with your scanner, you find a tiny hidden file with "Happy Easter!" and a web address on it. The icon, however, depicts a shining golden computer chip, so it might be what you're looking for.

Checking the address cautiously, you find a strange node filled with stranger people, buying and selling information. Looks like the right place.

You've gained access to a new site The Golden Chip

Getting Kicked Off

It looks like a human being finally found the security flaw you were using to get into Metroplex U Lab and closed it up. Maybe Metroplex University finally hired a decent security consultant.

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