Microrocket (item)

For the technique of the same name, see Microrocket (technique).


Image rocket25.jpg
Description These handy little guys are hand-fired homing rockets. They don't do much damage… compared to other rockets. But you still don't want to get hit by one.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this one is missing the normal tracking information.
Class Usable
Use You get the micro rocket ready for the next time you see someone who particularly needs a rocket in the face.
Multi You stack up your micro rockets for easy access. A pillar of ready explosive power.
Effect You learned a new Technique: Microrocket (technique) (1)


From opening crate of explosives
From the disgruntled worker in Midgard Bioresearch
From opening a Third Eye stash
From opening a massive weapons crate


Add Scorched Glass Shards to your Microrocket
Micro Rocket Scorched Glass Shards
= Juryrigged Rocket (item)
Wrap a Steel Ingot around a Microrocket
Micro Rocket Steel Ingot
= Steel Clad Rocket
toolbox.jpg Circuit Fragments (x1), Nitro (x1), Optical Sensor (x2)
GoldCoins.jpg .04 Arms
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