Midgard Amplification

For the old (pre-Novos) tool of the same name, see Midgard Amplification (tool).


Image midgardplayerdie.jpg
Description A noisy command based on proprietary Midgard technology
Flags Midgard Functions
Command 2
Unsubtle 2


2/6 - unlocked Midgard Player, monitored Midgard Player or gold Midgard Player


Using any Midgard function and then Midgard Amplification in the same batch:

You amplify the existing Midgard signal. (+2 Command)


  • The other Midgard function must occur first in the batch.
  • If you use two Midgard Amplifications by themselves, it only gets 1 bonus message.
  • If you use another Midgard function and then two Midgard Amplifications, you get the message for each one.
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