Midgard Heavy Guard (Unarmed)

For the other opponent of the same name, see Midgard Heavy Guard (Gatling).


Image MidgardHeavy.jpg
Combat Name The guard
HP 75
Gender Neutral
Stats Perception: 5
Reflexes: 5
Strength: 12
Will: 10
Power Melee: 6
Unopposed: 0
Defense Melee: 6
Ranged: 7
Fire: 2
Etheric: 2
Stealth: 3
Reactive: 0
Hidden Flags Air Filter, Human
Awards 5 XP
You gained ?-21-25-? credits! (sometimes)
You found: Midgard heavy helmet (sometimes)
You found: Midgard heavy vest (sometimes)
You found: Midgard heavy pants (sometimes)
You found: Midgard heavy gauntlets (sometimes)
You found: One of: (rarely, with salvaging tools)
  - biomonitor circuit
  - frayed cable
  - signal analysis circuit
  - hardened plastic
  - muscular cyberarms
  - muscular cyberlegs
You found: Midgard records ID (always?)


Oldtown: Records Office
Oldtown: Records Vault

On Winning

From the Hidden Break Room: Charge in:

You manage to take care of the guards before reinforcements arrive.

Or, if you lose from that encounter, unlock the 4x guard encounter?

From the Hidden Break Room: Stroll in:

You have to retreat before the backup gets here. By the sound of footsteps, you brought the whole vault down on you.

Gain an extra 3 XP in Will?


Technique Chain Power Type Notes
Bear Down 1 12 Melee (normal) Gives 6 Restrain
'' 18 Melee (unopposed)
Brutality 2 10 Melee (normal)
'' 14 Melee (unopposed)
Crushing Punch 3 11 Melee
Gas Grenade 4 4 Direct (normal)
'' Nothing (vs. Air filter)
Armored Defense Evasion (M,R) (normal)
'' 10 Melee (unopposed)


nomnom25.jpg You feast on the guard's flesh, regaining x Energy.
HandMirror25.jpg 2 XP
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