Midgard HGS Prototype


Image midgardhologamesystem.jpg
Description The first thing that's obvious about this piece of electronics is that someone spent a lot of time making sure it looks just right. The focus on appearance seems quite out of place with the attached prototype paperwork.

According to the paperwork, the system comes with one built-in game, a three-dimensional shooter using "established Midgard Intellectual Property." It sounds more like a tool for military training with Midgard characters than a game, but could be fun.

Problems listed for the prototype include headaches after playing too long, a limited supply of lens materials, and a single reported heart attack. A comment next to that last issue listing says "1st Ads?"
Type Furniture

You clear out some space for the projector and plug it in. Strange green shapes flicker through the room.


Zack's House of Coins, originally available in season 26 for one unearthly coin.


When used, if you have The Jitters (this takes priority over all the others below):

You flip on the game, turning the room into a virtual shooting gallery.

Unfortunately, your jitters are so bad you can't even properly enjoy the game.

Otherwise, you get a multi-part message which consists of the following:

Part 1


You flip on the game, turning the room into a virtual shooting gallery.

Part 2


The game doesn't mess around with getting started, spawning enemies while a voiceover explains that alien forces have corrupted much of humanity through hypnotic message imbedded in music, television, and games. There's no hint of irony in the voice as it mentions the last corrupting force.

Meanwhile, it's already projected a gun into your hands. Thankfully, the bullets it fires are illusions generated by the projector or the damage would be considerable.

Another possible result:

The game spawns a wave of enemies for you, which really don't look much different than the gangers in Metroplex. Thanfully, they're also no more resistant to bullets than the gangers in Metroplex. Even with a glitchy virtual gun, it's a simple matter to cut through waves of them.

Or, with Hologame Meditations active:

The game spawns a wave of enemies. These must be the "aliens" they're talking about… although they look more like they're from a modder club downtown than another planet.

They fight differently from the gangers, flickering in what may not just be a technical error and murmuring words that become rays of green light.

Or, with Hologame Meditations active, and a Hologame Tome equipped, with sufficient memory and processor to run it:

The game spawns a wave of enemies. It's just "aliens" at first, but after you gun a few down, the rest take up a strangely-inflected chant.

A rocky form tears itself free from your floor… you're glad for a moment everything is made out of the same shining green light, because otherwise the rocky figure roaring above you would be entirely too realistic.

Part 3

First time per day, with no pep effects:

You play for a while, dodging here and there as you take on waves of enemies. It's pretty fun, but focusing on the holograms for too long takes a lot out of you.

You could probably pass out for the night right in front of the console, but manage to drag yourself back to your feet.

Or, if you have no energy remaining the above line becomes:
Just sleeping for the night in front of the console sounds like a better and better idea.

You've gained 20 duration of Flickering Game.

Or, first time of the day, with any pep effects active:

You play for… longer than you expected. It's actually pretty fun, especially when you're wired.

As the buzz wears off, though, sleepiness starts to set in. Focusing on the holograms for too long takes a lot out of you.

(Lose all energy of Pep effects)

You've gained <X> duration of Flickering Game, where X = 20 + pep energy lost

Further times per day, without any pep effects:

(skip part 2)

You can't stare at the weird flickering lights for long without feeling tired. You'll probably feel fine after you sleep, but for now you're sort of holo'd out.

Further times in the day, if you have a pep effect active:

You work out some excess energy, playing until the buzz wears off. Once it leaves, though, you feel ready to crash. Focusing on the holograms for too long takes a lot out of you.

(Lose all energy of Pep effects)

You've gained <X> duration of Flickering Game. (where X = pep energy lost)

Opponent Summary

Image Opponent Conditions Rewards
vgganger.jpg Hologame Ganger Etheric
Flickering Game
pendant model
Disappearing Switchblade*
vgalien.jpg Hologame Alien Etheric
Flickering Game
Hologame Meditations
page models
Words of Light*
vgtroll.jpg Hologame Troll Etheric
Flickering Game
Hologame Meditations
hologame tome
rendered stone*
Petrifying Roar*

* Additional conditions

Technique Summary

Technique Chain Type Attr Dam Notes
Disappearing Switchblade disappearingswitchblade.jpg Stealth Will 5 +dam with Switchblade Weapon
Hologame Shooting hologameshooting.jpg Ranged Perc 3 +dam with Flickering Game
Words of Light wordsoflight.jpg Etheric Will 10 +dam with holographic stuff
Petrifying Roar petrifyingroar.jpg Etheric Will 8 Gives debuff, not effective at long distance
Rocksplitter Shot rocksplittingshot.jpg Ranged Will 7 +dam vs Stone or following single shots

Other Uses

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.

Remaining Mysteries

According to Podcast 53, this item is fully spaded.

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