Midgard Hound CD4


Image advanced%20hound%20drone%20100.png
Combat Name The armored hound
HP 51-60
Gender Neutral
Stats Perception: 10
Reflexes: 1
Strength: 8
Will: 0
Power Melee: 8
Ranged: 6
Defense Melee: 6
Ranged: 6
Fire: 3
Etheric: 3
Stealth: 6
Reactive: 0
Hidden Flags No Organs, Midgard Drone, Electric
Awards 5 XP
You found: frayed cable (sometimes) (with salvaging tools?)
You found: microcapacitor (sometimes) (with salvaging tools?)
You found: steel ingot (sometimes) (with salvaging tools?)
You found: assault rifle fittings (sometimes) (with salvaging tools?)
You found: circuit fragments (sometimes) (with salvaging tools?)
You found: empty clip (sometimes) (with salvaging tools?)
You found: optical sensor (sometimes) (with salvaging tools?)
You found: hound drone memory (sometimes) (with salvaging tools, and drone memories unlocked)


Parking Garage with HQ Alarm


Technique Chain Power Type Notes
Close Distance 2 26 Melee (normal)
'' 35 Melee (at Short Distance - chain ≤4)
Heavy Steps 4 8-11 Evasion (M,R,F,S) Special Combat AI: Uses the melee Close Distance attack next round
Shotgun Burst 5 13 Ranged (normal)
'' 21 Ranged (at Short Distance - chain ≤1)
Gatling Burst 6 14 Ranged (normal)
'' 20 Ranged (closer)



You try to feast on the armored hound, but just end up with a mouthful of broken plastic.

You found: 1-2 circuit fragments?

HandMirror25.jpg 1 XP
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