Midgard Industries

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(LIGHT SPOILER WARNING, inadvisable to read before main questline is completed)

Midgard is one of the largest and most powerful corps (corporations) in Metroplexity, covering everything from citywide 'law enforcement' to robot manufacture to a variety of research projects. Megacorps being what they are, Midgard fields famous sport teams, bombards the television channels with ads and programs, and is generally a household name in almost any area you care to mention. Recently, there's been some backlash against Midgard Industries (particularly among University students) for its supposedly unethical research practices and its brutal treatment of protestors.

Of particular note is the 'Incident' that took place not too long ago within Midgard's guarded research laboratory. The explosion destroyed a quarter of Metroplex, poisoned over a million people, and permanently polluted the southern half of the lake. Midgard has since walled off a large area around Ground Zero, known as "The Slags". The few surviving employees of the laboratory believe Eclipse to have close ties to the Incident.

Many of Midgard's projects use Norse mythology as a basis for codenames and locations. The Special Projects division in particular is known for naming things after Norse locations or characters.

Midgard Employees

Employee Codename Employment Division
Boris Scientist in Midgard Bioresearch
David Baldur (former employee, Test Facility 1, research intern)
Dr. Amundsen Sif (former employee, Test Facility 1, network security)
Dr. Johnson Sigurd Former head of the Slags Lab and Project Huginn (handle: SPSigurd)
Dr. Mira Teamleader in the Slags Lab and its unofficial head
Dr. Thomas Office Services
Helen Hel (former employee, Test Facility 1, physical security)
(Lo) Loki (former employee, Test Facility 1, project lead scientist)
??? Wotan (former employee, deceased, Lo's old boss, ran all of Special Projects)
Janet Barsukov Geiravor Special Projects
(Arthur J's dad)
Heimdall Head of operational security (handle: XHeimdall)
??? Gangeleri Works for corporate downtown (handle: XGangeleri)
??? Grimhild Special Projects (handle: SPGrimhild)
??? Sigmund SP: Yggdrasil
??? Skrymir Special Projects
(Midgard special officer) Thrivaldi MSPSSP (handle: SPThrivaldi)
??? Muninn Unknown, works Downtown at Midgard Corporate HQ
??? Ginn Cleaner (& some kind of sorcerer)†
??? Ymir Cleaner (& some kind of trickster)†
??? Surt Part of a team with Ginn & Ymir, thus probably a cleaner (& some kind of brute)†
??? Vidar Special Projects (handle: SPVidar)
(Warehouse Supervisor) - Freight Services
(Icy) - -
Artyom Hymir (see Wrinkled Fisherman - not employee)
Draupnir Halloween 2023: Whispered Party Observations - unclear if this is a person, location, project or other code word.
Midgard scientist - -
Midgard worker - -
Midgard security - -
Slags guard - -
Internal security - -
Midgard heavy guard - -
Big M Exact involvement unknown, but has some interactions with Midgard
Little Eddie Used to work for Midgard in some capacity; now retired

†Cleaner identity not confirmed. Thrivaldi has been known to call for cleaners, ymir, and ginn in the same breath, but this does not mean they share a job description.

Patient Codes


  • Slags Medical File: Most of the [J] patients were being treated for 'Slags Intoxification' and several of the A's are in for other ailments listed in the reference.
  • Slags Medical File: The differences between the three aren't immediately obvious, but the medical logs for the A's tend to be shorter.


  • Slags Medical File: The differences between the three aren't immediately obvious, but one record mentions a patient being reclassified from an A to a D.


  • Code E seems to refer to people like the player, with oddly quick regenerative abilities.
  • Midgard Special officer mentions: "Ah! You're Thomas's pet E. What a sloppy powerplay…"
  • Van Pickup: One of them, a barely noticeable edge of concern in his voice, asks "V, J, or E?" The other man replies "not sure, but keep your guns ready in case it goes J on us."
  • Slags Medical File: One starts with an E instead, although it's only genetic information without any medical log.
  • When using Ashes of Memory, the player has a memory of a doctor describing the player as "Probably E, but I wouldn't bet my job on it."


  • Code J seems to refer to people who become unhinged after exposure to Slags Intoxication and related effects.
  • Van Pickup: One of them, a barely noticeable edge of concern in his voice, asks "V, J, or E?" The other man replies "not sure, but keep your guns ready in case it goes J on us."
  • Slags Medical File: This file has the same flagged sections you noticed before associated with mental illness. They're concentrated largely in the J records, but show up elsewhere as well.


  • Mentioned in Barsukov's papers someone is "at large", possibly an "S".
  • Slags Medical File: "One starts with an S instead, although what separates it from the others isn't immediately obvious."


  • Van Pickup: One of them, a barely noticeable edge of concern in his voice, asks "V, J, or E?" The other man replies "not sure, but keep your guns ready in case it goes J on us."

Related Terms

These include sub-corps under Midgard's jurisdiction, individual Midgard locations, and anything else commonly associated with Midgard.




Secret projects ranging from cutting-edge R&D to… protecting company interests.

  • Project Helheim: study on new security procedures
  • Project Mimir: study of to improve memory via cybernetics, genetic manipulation and drugs (see also: Mim)
  • Project Niflheim: the original project to study the drug in Eclipse.
  • Project Valhalla: study on downloading human brains to drones
  • Project Fenris: study onupdating the CD line of drones
  • (SP1?: Research conducted at Midgard Test Facility 1. Location and likely cause of the Incident)
    • Loki led a project researching a psychoactive flower from southeast Asia, with little success. The chemical makeup of Eclipse bears a strong resemblance. David was a research intern on this project.
    • Also the workplace of Helen and Dr. Amundsen. These four coworkers are the only survivors of the Incident, or at least, they claim to know of no others.
  • (MSPSSP: Research conducted at the Buried Lab beneath Southside Park)
  • Project Yggdrasil: Special Project based on a failed Midgard social networking site. Seems to be a contest involving non-SP employees spreading Eclipse among the city's inhabitants.
    • Dr. Adrianna Thomas officially works for Office Services, but offers a job giving out Eclipse after finding her number. The Fangs are or were her pet gang and she's interested in the Third Eye based at the Happy Hour.
    • Sigmund is Adrianna's main competitor and seems to have a connection to the Third Eye.
  • (Unknown name(s): developed the first Midgard drones - ten, fifteen years ago? The genius behind the project later became the head of SP1, or at least, the boss of Loki, Hel, Sif, and Baldur. May be involved with the cause of the Incident.)
  • Project Huginn: A project headed by Dr. Johnson to learn about Slags Intoxification. Mostly documented in slags-lab-hacking
  • Project Muninn: Also mentioned by Dr. Johnson: "Muninn was as easy as shooting addicts in the head."
  • The Raven, possibly related to Huginn/Muninn. Some quotes Dr. J: "He seems unimpressed, instead rambling about whether it's improperly mixing metaphors for a raven to rise from the ashes.", MSO: "The raven? I suppose if he's not dead…", Neural Recordings: "that crazy raven is building an army."


  • The protest on the quad was organized because of Midgard's questionable experiments
  • Halloween 2010: Midgard Industries became heavily involved in the Metroplex U party, ostensibly to avoid a repeat of the previous year's disaster. Other goals they may have had did not reach fruition, although the Emerald Gift seems to have been involved somehow.
  • Midgard Fencing Team
  • Midgard Serpents cyberbowl team. According to shared files "they were both not very good and also didn't have a lot of fans. That probably explains why they're not around anymore."
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