Midgard Neural Expander


Image neuroticfiber25.jpg
Description Rumors around town say that Midgard has spent years of research and billions of credits trying to duplicate Zaibatsu's Neural Bridge technology, letting computer hardware interact seamlessly with human memories. Although they've failed, some would say epically, at the task, this is one of the many end products.

It's a network of neural fibers that connects to a Midgard PDA, unloading certain functions to be performed by the brain instead. That said, it isn't really a precise art… more the sort of thing that's bound to turn you into a witless drone or drive you completely insane.
Type Cyber (Neuralware)
Requires 6 Body
Effects +2 Processor, Memory, and Code Finesse with a Midgard PDA
-6 Will


Midgard Scientist.


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg 2-3 artificial neural fibers, 1-2 circuit fragments, signal analysis circuit
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Goods


Confirmed as being Midgard PDAs: Biotech PDA, unused Y4, Fang PDA.
A unlocked Midgard Player doesn't count as Midgard PDA.

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