Midgard Player Recordings

Recordings are items that drop while the Midgard Player is equipped.

There are five recordings:

Acquiring Recordings

Winning fights with the Midgard Player equipped will occasionally give a recording (every 10-40ish turns):

You've won the battle!

Your media player beeps cheerfully, apparently indicating it's done with a recording.
You recorded: <recording>

The mechanism governing when a recording drops are not yet understood, but the type of recording dropped depends on the base attribute for the techniques you use. (It is implied that the monitored Midgard Player increases recording speed but more spading is needed.)

Attribute Recording
Perception recorded consideration
Reflexes recorded speed
Strength recorded strain
Will recorded pause

Using four recordings in one day will attune you to the music of the Player. This effect resets at rollover. It's not clear what being attuned does. See Midgard Player recordings for more details.

Additionally, eating a Blitz Popper (or few?) will occasionally give you:

You pop a handful of Blitz. It's thankfully flavorless, but you can feel the jittery energy moments later.

Your Media Player chirps pleasantly as though it's just finished a recording.

You recorded: recorded Blitz

When used

Each time you use any of the recordings, you understand them a bit better. You can see improving results for using four of them in a day, and additional ones used after that give the same message. Other than gaining XP, it is unknown what using these recordings actually does.

Recorded consideration

You pore over the recording(s), trying to understand what <it/they> might mean.

<second paragraph>

You've earned X XP in Perception

Recorded speed

You try to understand the rapid rhythms underlying the recording.

<second paragraph>

You've earned X XP in Reflexes

Recorded strain

You strain yourself mentally, trying to understand the nature of the data. But moreover, you strain yourself physically to see if you can match the strange strain and error terms in the recording.

<second paragraph>

You've earned X XP in Strength

Recorded pause

You focus, trying to eke whatever small bits of data you can from the recording.

<second paragraph>

You've earned X XP in Will

Recorded Blitz

You look at the recording, trying to understand how the recorded heart didn't explode. It reminds you uncomfortably of your own mortality or lack thereof.

<second paragraph>

You've earned X XP in Random Stat

Second paragraph

The second paragraph and XP gain changes depending on how many recordings you'd used:

1st time: (gain 1 XP)

Hmmmmm…. yeah, that doesn't make any sense.

1st time while having a complimentary base seed active: (gain 2 XP)

You tap along with the music, understanding the strange patterns of data just a little better.

1st time using a recorded Blitz: (gain 3 XP)


2nd time: (gain 2*¹ XP)

You're starting to get a hang of these recordings. Your heart taps a bit in time as you examine them.

3rd time: (gain 3*¹ XP)

You almost have the hang of these recordings. They're weird, but your body feels like it's starting to tune into them somehow.

4th+ time: (gain 3*¹ XP)

You think you really understand these recordings. You can almost feel your heart beating along with them.

* While the message does not change having a complimentary base seed active will add +1 XP to the gain from the second recording onward. This bonus however does not occur for any of the advanced seeds/harmonies.

¹ With the recorded Blitz the XP received follows the pattern of 3 random XP for the first use, 4 random XP on the second use, and 5 random XP from the third use onward. Additionally recorded Blitzes also do not receive a bonus when synced with Blitz Seed.

Multi Use:
<paragraph 1 for single use, with plurals and grammar>

<Appropriate paragraph to how many total you've used>

<Sum of xp gains for a normal progression>

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