Midgard Riot Shield


Image RiotShield25.jpg
Description This is a riot shield with a big Midgard Industries logo on it. It's huge and unwieldy, but seems to be bulletproof.
Type Offhand
Hidden Flags Midgard Security Outfit, Shield
Effect +2 Ranged Defense
+1 Melee Defense
-2 Reflexes


Midgard Security (only at Midgard Warehouse or Midgard Bioresearch or Southside Park vigilante justice?)
Opening a Third Eye stash

toolbox.jpg Heavy Riot Shield


Add another layer of ballistic plastic to a Midgard riot shield
Midgard Riot Shield Ballistic Plastic
= Ballistic Shield
Line a Midgard Riot Shield with an Albino Crocodile Hide
Albino Crocodile Hide Midgard Riot Shield
= Crocodile Shield
Coat a Midgard Riot Shield with Reactive Gel
Midgard Riot Shield Reactive Gel
= Gel Shield
Reinforce a Midgard Riot Shield with some Hardened Plastic
Midgard Riot Shield Hardened Plastic
= Heavy Riot Shield
Line a Midgard Riot Shield with a Capacitor Array
Midgard Riot Shield Capacitor Array
= Shock Shield
Melt a Silver Ingot over a Midgard Riot Shield
Midgard Riot Shield Silver Ingot
= Silvered Shield
Plate a Midgard Riot Shield with your Interlocking Survivors' Sheet
Midgard Riot Shield Interlocking Survivors' Sheet
= Survivors' Origami Shield
toolbox.jpg ballistic plastic (x1), ballistic plastic (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Arms


Before April 11, 2013, this item (and other Midgard shields, defense programs, etc.) used to use this image: RiotShield25old.jpg.
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